Serge Brussolo, an Adept of Self-publishing (France)

    “The author Serge Brussolo is a special case in French Science Fiction and his works present a unique approach to the genre.” – Roger Bozzetto & Arthur B.Evans

    The french writer Serge Brussolo, one the most talented and original european writers within the speculative fiction domain had posted a message on ActuSF’s forum explaining that he intends to use self-publishing in the future.

     The message of Serge Brussolo (fragment):

    …Indeed, tired of the formatting and the vagaries of the commercial edition, I decided to become my own editor, which will allow me finally to write what makes me pleasure without having to suffer the tyranny of market research and steamroller of the ephemeral fashions.

    This will especially provide me the opportunity to complete unfinished series or reconnect with the science fiction, a  genre that makes the publishers to grin because it adresses in France, a small audience … and therefore is not making money. The readers who, for years, called for my SF novels will be happy, at least I hope so.

    I plan to upload unpublished texts, up to my desires…

    We’re wishing him good luck !

     Roger Bozzetto and Arthur B. Evans, “The Surrealistic Science Fiction of Serge Brussolo“, Science-Fiction Studies Vol. 24.3 (Nov. 1997): 430–440.


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