Science Fiction on Arte!

    Arte, the french-german cultural TV channel will feature a SF swedish TV series (10 episodes) in January 2013 : “Real Humans” (Akta människor).

    Every Thursday starting with the 31st of January 2013 at 20:50 GMT+1h on Arte.

    “Real Humans” is directed by Harald Hamrell and Levan Akin, with a script written by Lars Lundström, the cast is composed by Andreas Wilson, Lisette Pagler, Pia Halvorsen. “Real Humans” is a 2012 production of Matador Film AB / Sveriges Television (SVT).

    The Swedish public broadcaster SVT had presented the new science fiction TV drama in January this year.

    “RealHumans” (Akta människor) occurs in Sweden where humanoid robots have become commonplace and evolve with us. Called the hubots – human robots -, they have adapted to all the needs of human beings. If certain segments of society depend entirely on them, other human beings reject them. Some androids dream of freedom, others are perfectly domesticated. On the other hand, the hubots  have developed true identities, experiencing feelings but also a desire for independence. Some men develop emotional relationships with them, others want to eliminate them…

    The Human Robot (HUBOT) have also given rise to new problems and dilemmas. Thorny legal questions have increasingly started to occupy people’s minds and are still waiting to be answered: Who is responsible for the actions of a hubot? Do hubots have some form of “hubot rights”? Should they be paid for their work? As an ever growing number of people form relationships with hubots, the boundaries between human and machine become blurred. When humans make copies of themselves, which are so close to the real thing they form emotional bonds, the questions arises – What does it really mean to be ‘human’ ? “,CmC=2945122.html


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