Russkaya Fantastika, New Russian Language SF&Fantasy Titles, December 2013 by Patrice and Viktoriya Lajoye (France)

    Let’s start this December note with the announcement of a few reports of the previously announced publications.

    First, the “Verbarium” anthology from Snezhny Kom Publishers, originally scheduled for July , which eventually was published this month.


    Similarly, “The Fortress of My Soul” (Крепость души моей), a novel by Henry Lion Oldie and Andrey Valentinov, announced for October, was finally released these days by Azbuka Publishers.

    Finally, “The Witcher’s Legends” (Ведьмачьи легенды) anthology dedicated to the work of Andrzej Sapkowski, announced last month by Eksmo is postponed until January 2014.

    Let’s turn to December’s new releases, with a novel by Andrey Valentinov, “Black” (Нуар) at Snejniï Kom, a science fiction novel that takes place during World War II, with a former member of the White Guard as hero.
    Then, Henry Lion Oldie’s second volume of the “Oecumene Wild”, “Wolf”, who will be published this month by Azbuka. Unfortunately, the cover illustration has not yet been revealed.

    We conclude with some reissues. By Eksmo, first of all, Nik Perumov’s “fantasy novel “Solitude of the Mage” (Одиночество мага) will be republished (here is the cover of the 2007 edition). Eksmo has this year multiplied the re-editions of this author .

    The Meshcheryakova Dom Publishers from Moscow, is launching this month a beautiful collection, “Large and complete illustrated works“ (БИСС), dedicated to Vladislav Krapivin. These reissues will use the format and the illustrations of the previous Soviet prints, illustrated by E. Medvedev and E. Streligova, and will be accompanied by comments and documents. Starting with this month, two volumes are planned: “Children of Blue Flemish” (Дети синего фламинго, 1981) and “Shot with a screen” (Выстрел с монитора, 1989).

    © Patrice and Viktoriya Lajoye (France) Reposted by the permission of the authors. We’re thanking them.

    The original post in french is on the authors’ blog, Russkaya Fantastika, Les parutions en russe – décembre 2013 :

    Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye

    Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye
    Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye are two specialists on the rusophone SF&F (russian and ukrainian ones), translators, editors and owners of the Russkaya Fantastika french speaking blog, a remarkable instrument and project dedicated to the analysis of the russian and ukrainian fantastika fiction, an important part of the European SF&F.


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