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    It’s no secret: the global political context is strained and is evidently shown in the publishing of science fiction and fantasy in Russian language. While some large publishers delight to launch very nationalistic books (sometimes with Stalin as a hero) and a prominent author as Sergey Lukianenko wishes that leaders of a neighboring country to be murdered, it becomes difficult to identify within an increasingly abundant production (hundreds of titles, but with an increasingly low runs) the rare potentially interesting books.

    Here is our personal selection.


    Andrey Valentinov – Black (Snejni Kom M, Moscow)/Андрей Валентинов – Нуар

    Postponed several times, this novel of an always interesting author is finally published.


    Sergey Chekmaev  – Ciphronomicon (Snejni Kom M, Moscow)/Сергей Чекмаев – Цифрономикон

    Sergey Chekmaev’s collections are often very politically oriented, but not always interesting. But in the case of this one, which includes mystical-technological texts, he was able to gather  often beginners authors but interesting ones.


    Henry Lion Oldie – Ten Temptations, a collection of articles, co-edition  of (Snejni Kom M, Moscow), Chiko (Lugansk) and Maksim (Lugansk)/Генри Лайон Олди – Десять искушений

    The articles in this collection are the result of the courses that H.L.Oldie (Oleg Ladyzhenski & Dmitri Gromov) gave during their Partenit training seminar for young writers.

    Oldie Leader

    Henry Lion Oldie  – Leader,  (Azbuka, Saint-Petersburg)/Генри Лайон Олди – Вожак

    The same authors recently published Leader, third volume of their series, The Savages of Oikoumene which takes place in their shiny space opera universe developed in the first Oikoumene trilogy (2006-2007), followed by Urbi et Orbi (2010-2011).*


    M.S. Parfenov  – Puzzle (Eksmo, Moscow)/М. С Парфенов – Пазл

    An anthology of horror and mysticism. None of the present authors is actually known, but let’s give them a chance. This collection must be seen as a test bench.


    Karina Demina  – The  Fiancée, and its sequel The Black Yangar,  (Alfa-Kniga, Moscow)/Карина Демина – Невеста ; Черный Янгар

    Young author from Belarus, Ekaterina Lessina under the pseudonym of Karina Demina, offers a classic fantasy, full of good feelings and humor, and well written.


    Vladimir Arenev – Commander of the Fortress of Death, (Ast, Moscow)/Владимир Аренев – Комендант мертвой крепости

    This novel is the first volume of a trilogy, which takes place in a really interesting fantasy universe. The end of the world took place, and only scattered fragments remain, constantly attacked by insectoid creatures. It’s remarkably written in a lively style, and the story is original. We’re waiting for the next part !

    * Note :

    H.L. Oldie : World of Oikoumene (Oikoumene):

    2006 Book 1:  The Puppeteer

    2007 Book 2:  The Pupa

    2007 Book 3:  The Puppet Master

    Urbi et Orbi or To the City and To the World:

    2009 Book 1: The Child of Oikoumene

    2010 Book 2:  The Queen of Oikoumene

    2010 Book 3: The Exile of Oikoumene

    The Savages of Oikoumene

    2013 Book 1: The Wolf-cub

    2014 Book 2 : The Wolf

    2014 Book 3 : The Pack Leader

    © Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye

    Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye
    Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye are two specialists on the rusophone SF&F (russian and ukrainian ones), translators, editors and owners of the Russkaya Fantastika french speaking blog, a remarkable instrument and a project dedicated to the analysis of the russian and ukrainian fantastika fiction, an important part of the European SF&F.

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    Russkaya Fantastika. Travaux sur la science-fiction et la fantasy russophones

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