Roskon 2014 (27th – 30th of March ), Lesnye Dali, near Moscow, Russia

    The fourteenth  Roskon is being held at  the Polyani Hotel, located 28 km from Moscow’s Rublevo-Uspensky highway,  on the banks of the Moscow River.

    Roskon 2014_Polyani

    GoHs : Sergei Lukyanenko, Dmitri Glukhovsky, Vadim Panov, Vasily Golovachyov, Vasily Zvyagintsev, Henry Lion Oldie, G.I.Orlovsky, Georgyi Zotov, Yuri Nikitin

    Roskon 2014 is the meeting place for russian and russophone writers, publishers, journalists, literary agents, critics and fans. Here you can chat with the most famous russian science fiction writers and filmmakers.  In addition, at Roskon the prestigious literary prizes “Alisa”, “Roskon” (Big Roskon, Golden Roskon, Silver Roskon, Bronze Roskon ), „Fantast Goda”/”Science Fiction Year” are awarded. 

    In parallel to the Roskon ‘s Polyani Hotel, some other activities are part of the City Festival. 



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