Romanian Science Fiction & Fantasy translated into English

    Romanian Science Fiction existed even before 1899, when the first Romanian SF novel by Victor Anestin (In The Year 4000 or A Voyage to Venus/ In anul 4000 sau O călătorie la Venus) was published. The first Romanian SF is a 1873 text under the Latin title Finis Rumaniae (End of Romania) and was written by a still unknown writer who used a pseudonym,  Al.N. Dariu.

    Romanian SF  has a long history which began at the end of the 19th century.
    An excellent and compact overview of the Romanian science fiction in two parts was written by Antuza Genescu (SF writer and translator), Silviu Genescu (SF author and journalist), Laurenţiu Nistorescu (SF writer and journalist) and Dorin Davideanu (SF writer and Editor of the Timişoara’s H. G. Wells Society fanzine Paradox) :

    A brief history of Science Fiction in Romania up to 1990” and “Science Fiction in Romania since the 1990 revolution
    and published on the UK’s The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation site.

    And Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea‘s Short (Hi)Story of Romanian Speculative Fiction told for strangers, aliens and secluded scholars.

    There’s a selection of Romanian SF&F books translated into English for any international reader who wants to discover a neo-Latin European culture’s approach to SF&F. Academic studies dedicated to Romanian SF history or famous American writers like Edgar Allan Poe are also available.

    Gheorghe Sasarman_Squaring the Circle

    Gheorghe Săsărman – “Squaring the Circle : A Pseudotreatise of Urbogony, SF short stories translated and selected by Ursula K.Le Guin,  Aqueduct Press, US, 2013

    George Lazar_The Guardian Angel

    George Lazăr – “The Guardian Angel, SF novel, Eagle Publishing House, 2011

    Dan Dobos_The Abbey

    Dan Doboș – “The Abbey, SF novel, Better Karma LLC, US, 2010

    Doru Tatar_Top Priority 1

    Doru Tătar – “ Top Priority, SF novel,  Borgo Press, US, 2011

    Big Bang Larissa / Case 74 (Future Fiction Book) (English Edition)

    Cristian Mihail Teodorescu – “Bing Bang Larissa. Case 74, Future Fiction, 2014

    ioana visan - human instincts

    Ioana Vişan – “Human Instincts. An Apocalyptic Novella

    Ioana Visan_Blue Moon Cafe_series Where Shifters Meet for Drinks

    Ioana Vişan – „Blue Moon Café Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks”, fantasy short stories collection, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., Kindle Edition, 2012

    Ioana Visan_The Impalers Revenge

    Ioana Vişan – The Impaler’s Revenge” (The Impaler Legacy series), fantasy novella, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., Kindle Edition, 2013

    ages of wonder

    Costi Gurgu – „Angels and Moths – in Ages of Wonder anthology, edited by Julie E. Czemeda and Rob St. Martin

    Marian Coman_Fingers

    Marian Coman – “Fingers and Other Fantastic Stories, speculative fiction short stories, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2011

    Serban Andrei Mazilu_Crux

    Șerban Andrei Mazilu –  “The Angellove Society: Crux, fantasy novel, WheelMan Press, 2013

    Eugen Stancu_Politics and Science Fiction

    Eugen Stancu – “Politics and Science Fiction: Science Fiction in Communist Romania 1955-1974”, VDM Verlag, 2008

    Lucian Vasile Szabo_The Facts in the case of E.A.Poe

    Lucian Vasile Szabo – “The Facts in the case of E.A. Poe: Fantasy, real life, science fiction, journalism, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013

    Romanian SF Anthology_1994_Nemira Publishing Press

    “Romanian SF Anthology Nemira ‘94”, edited by  Romulus Bărbulescu and George Anania, presented by N.Lee Wood, Nemira Publishing House, 1994, Bucharest, Romania

    Romanian SF anthology_1995_Nemira Publishing Press

    “Romanian SF Anthology Nemira ‘95”, edited by Romulus Bărbulescu and George Anania, presented by N.Lee Wood and Norman Spinrad, Nemira Publishing House, 1995, Bucharest, Romania

    Romanian SF Anthology_1996_Nemira Publishing Press

    “Romanian SF Anthology Nemira ‘96”, edited by Alexandru Mironov and Sebastian A.Corn, english version supervised by N.Lee Wood, Nemira Publishing House, 1996, Bucharest, Romania


    “Twelve. A Romanian Science Fiction Anthology (Twelve of the Best Romanian SF Stories)”, edited by Cornel Robu, Sedona Publishing House, 1995, Timişoara, Romania


    Bogdan Aldea – “Worlds in the Making. Science Fiction between Fabulation and Mannerism, Napoca Star Publishing Press, 2006, Cluj, Romania

    Florin Pitea_Art wasn_t quite crime

    Florin Pîtea – “Art Wasn’t Quite Crime. The Context, Themes and the Consequences of (Post) Cyberpunk Fiction“, Millenium Books, 2010, Satu Mare, Romania


    Several Romanian science fiction and fantasy stories translated into English (The Death of Mr. Teodorescu by Cristian-Mihail Teodorescu, Hunt Beneath the Moon by Marian Truță, Digits Are Cold, Numbers Are Warm by Liviu Radu) can be read in the ISF 2012 Annual Anthology (E-Pub version: CLICK HERE, Mobi version: CLICK HERE, PDF version: CLICK HERE).

    Also, you may find useful The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction’s monography on the Romanian science fiction:


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