Revista Digital MiNatura issue 142 : Weird Fiction Dossier

    Revista Digital MI NATURA 2015

    “Revista Digital miNatura” fanzine have edited news issue. It´s a literary magazine centered microstories, which offers a English version. Current issue topic is “Weird Fiction”

    Nothing seems to be so naive and childish as the Weird Fiction, I see a subtle warning to certain hazards beyond our understanding. Some writers thought they saw the misty land of a dark universe and were only cliffs where shipwrecked Poe, Machen and Bierce.
    HP Lovecraft whispers through his alter ego Abdul Alhazred about creatures beyond space and time whose dreams are sources of inspiration for architects and insane.
    Perhaps for the same reasons as the Dayak people (I love quote James George Frazer!) Went hunting heads, their wives or sisters remained in the waking state, armed with knives, because while sleeping warrior may be attacked by wizards or demons. We are like children to the terror of going to bed and turning off the light, but to stop being so lose the gift of the key of dreams as Randolph Carter, arguably the most positive and least pathetic and endearing Lovecraftian cosmos character, eternal searching the home of the Ancients.

    Revista Digital miNatura 142 Dossier Weird Fiction
    Revista digital miNatura The magazine of the Brief & Fantastic
    Asociación Cultural miNatura Soterranìa
    ISSN: 2340-977
    Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas y Carmen Rosa Signes Urrea
    Editor: Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas
    Main cover: The old witch / Alejandro D’Marco –seud.- (Argentina)
    Back cover: Swamp Elder / Sam Carr (UK)
    Cover design: Carmen Rosa Signes Urrea

    01/ Cover:
    The old witch / Alejandro D’Marco –seud.- (Argentina)
    02/ FrikiFrases
    03/ Editorial
    05/ Bases del XIII Certamen Internacional De Microcuento Fantástico miNatura 2015
    How the knight Evandro Rubert come from distant lands beyond the seas, was interviewed, and what were their answers.
    16/ Poster: Homenaje a Lovecraft / Carlos Valenzuela (Chile)
    17/ Summary
    18/ Fear, Lies & China Ink:
    Deify/ Evandro Rubert (Brazil)
    The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath / Howard Philip Lovecraft (USA)
    23/ La porta dell’arcobaleno / Ricardo Acevedo E. (Cuba)
    24/ My cursing moon / C. M. Federici (Uruguay)
    24/ First blood / Carmen Rosa Signes Urrea (Spain) / José Miguel “Yoss” Sánchez (Cuba)
    26/ The Tower of the Elephant / Robert E. Howard (EE.UU)
    27/ To an old gringo / Salomé Guadalupe Ingelmo (Spain)
    28/ Secret files / Ma. del Socorro Candelaria Zárate (Mexico)
    29/ Post-Mortem / Violeta Balián (Argentina)
    31/ The seal of R’lyeh /August Derleth (EE.UU.)
    32/ Spontaneous generation / Jorge Etcheverry (Chilean / Canadian)
    33/ A dreaming insomnia / Odilius Vlak — seud.— (Dominican Republic)
    34/ Butterfly / Carmen Rosa Signes Urrea (Spain) / Sebastián Ariel Fontanarosa (Argentina)/ Patricio G. Bazán (Argentina)
    35/ The nursery school / Maielis González Fernández (Cuba)
    36/ Hounds of Tindalos / Frank Belknap Long (USA)
    38/ Eyes / Julieta Moreyra García (Mexico)
    39/ Saturday night / Carlos Enrique Saldivar (Peru)
    40/ A strange case of delusion in laguna Epecuén / Pablo Martínez Burkett (Argentina)
    41/ Pencil of doom! / C. M. Federici (Uruguay)
    44/ Triangulation with unknown apex / Jorge Etcheverry (Chilean / Canadian)
    45/ The legend of the galipote and the fet ish / Odilius Vlak –seud.- (Dominican Republic)
    46/ The atlas of the accursed cities / Jaime Magnan Alabarce (Chile)
    47/ The key / Carmen Rosa Signes Urrea (Spain) / Sebastián Ariel Fontanarosa (Argentina) /Patricio G. Bazán (Argentina)
    48/ The Graveyard Rats / Henry Kuttner (USA)
    50/ Drover / Juan Pablo Noroña Lamas (Cuba)
    51/ Puddles / Dolo Espinosa —seud.— (Spain)
    52/ The black amulet / Peter Domínguez (Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic)
    53/ Cane man / Jaime Magnan Alabarce (Chile)
    54/ Piranha Men / Tomas Pacheco Estrada (Mexico)
    55/ Black Wings / Alexy Dumenigo Aguila (Cuba)
    56/ The quest’s end / Pedro López Manzano (Spain)
    57/ UBBO-SATHLA / Clark Ashton Smith (USA)
    58/ Sacrifice / Peter Domínguez (Puerto Rico/República Dominicana)
    59/ The peephole / Dolo Éspinosa —seud.— (Spain)
    60/ The visit / Francisco Manuel Marcos Roldán (Spain)
    61/ The energetic vampire / Morgan Vicconius Zariah —seud.— (Dominican Republic)
    62/ The old Indian cook / Omar Martínez González (Cuba)
    64/ Hot chocolate / Silver Suárez —seud.— (Spain)
    65/ The Shambler from the Stars / Robert Bloch (EE.UU.)
    The Text of Cthulhu / Pavel Lujardo (Cuba/USA)
    El Regreso de Bakhtu /Patricio G. Bazán (Argentina)
    The Weird Fiction multiverse / Mari Carmen Caballero Álvarez (Spain)
    82/ La Biblioteca del Nostromo: Korad; Cuentos para el Andén; NM; Penumbría; Mal de Ojo; La Ciudad de Las Esferas; El Juego de Las Esferas; Canción de cuna: 15 relatos estremecedores.
    88/ About the Writers and Illustrators
    104/ About illustrations
    105/ Back cover:
    Swamp Elder / Sam Carr (UK)

    About illustrations:
    Pag. 01
    The old witch/ Alejandro D’ Marco -seud.- (Argentina)
    Pag. 16 Lovecraft homenaje/ Carlos Valenzuela (Chile)
    Pag. 18 Fear, Lies & China Ink: Deify/ Evandro Rubert (Brasil)
    Pag. 22 Lovecraf silhouette (march 29, 1925)/ Perry (?)
    Pag. 27 Cauchemar (comic detail)/Alex Niño (Filipinas)
    Pag. 32 Post-Mortem/ Miriam Ascúa (Argentina)
    Pag. 52 La Somme le Roi (1279)/ Laurent d’Orléans (Francia)
    Pag. 62 Metal Hurtlan (Lovecraf Special)/ Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (Francia)
    Pag. 70 Zombie/ Rubén Paricio Font (España)
    Pag. 85 The text of Cthulhu/ Pavel Lujardo (Cuba)
    Pag. 86 El Regreso de Bakhtu Patricio G. Bazán (Argentina)
    Pag. 90 Deep One/ Pavel Lujardo (Cuba)
    Pag. 101 El Despertar/ José Manuel Puyana (España)
    Pag. 146 Swamp Elder/ Sam Carr (Reino Unido)

    Next issue:
    Closing date: June 25


    Ricardo Manzanaro

    Ricardo Manzanaro Arana, a medical doctor and an university professor, is the President of the TerBi Asociación Vasca de CF Fantasía y Terror (TerBi Basque Association of Fantasy & Horror) from Bilbao, Spain. Ricardo has published over forty stories in various media and he’s a contributor to EUROPA SF and Amazing Stories.



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