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    “ReS Futurae (Revue d’études sur la science-fiction) is an international French-language magazine dedicated to the study of science fiction in all its forms: literature, cinema, graphic arts, video games, music, design and various cultural phenomena.

    It is an academic, peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed journal based on a partnership with Science Fiction Studies: cross-translations of articles accepted in both journals will be published regularly.

    In the francophone academic landscape, it’s the first journal of this nature.”

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    “ReS Futurae (ReSF, Revue d’études sur la science-fiction/Journal of Science Fiction Studies) aims to provide a place of convergence , validated scientifically, specialized with precision and method, promoting the visibility of a pool of specialists. It is based on a model of an English-language publication, Science Fiction Studies (SFS), a reference journal since its founding in 1973.

    Through a unique international partnership, SFS provides ReSF with its catalogue of feature articles, which feeds Science Fiction Studies’ “SFS Live” feature. Reciprocally, ReSF provides SFS with its articles for publication in English language.

    SFS is a peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed, quarterly print publication published by Peppers University (USA), and is available online from JSTOR (with a mobile barrier); a large number of articles are already available free of charge in full-text on the journal’s website (

    ReSF is developing a French-speaking body for debate and scientific publication in close partnership with SFS to:

    • to bring out a true scientific community of French-speaking university research on science fiction
    • to make room for French-speaking corpus, neglected by English-speaking criticism, even in SFS summaries (which tends, when this is the case, to favor pre-1960 corpus).
    • to promote the exchange of knowledge between acquired English-language expertise and Francophone expertise in structuring.”

    The last online available issue is Number 13 of 2019 dedicated to Ursula K.Le Guin and Pierre Bordage :

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