ReadingItaly : Italian Science Fiction

    The latest issue of ReadingItaly (Italian Studies Postgraduate Forum, University of Reading, UK) is dedicated to Italian science fiction.

    It contains a brief history of science fiction in Italy (the term ‘fantascienza‘ was coined by Giorgio Monicelli in 1952) by Giulia Iannuzzi (Trieste), an interview with Pierpaolo Antonello (Cambridge) on the position of SF between between humanistic and scientific disciplines, a review of Antonio Pennacchi’s “Storia di Karel” (2013) by Massimo Mongai, and an analysis of Calvino’s contributions to the genre by Elio Baldi (Warwick) :

    Reading Italian Science Fiction” by Giulia Iannuzzi (University of Trieste, Italy)

    Science Fiction between the ‘two cultures’: a conversation with Pierpaolo Antonello(University of Cambridge, UK)

    Pennacchi the Traitor” by Massimo Mongai (Italy)

    Antonio Pennachi – “The Story of Karel”, Bompiani, 2013

    Italo Calvino (1923-1985)

    Science fiction and the canon: the case of Italo Calvinoby Elio Baldi (University of Warwick, UK)

    Congratulations for this excellent inter-european initiative !

    And many thanks to Stefano Bragato, Gian Paolo Ghirardini and Sophie Payne !



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