“Prospectives” (Prospectivas), an anthology of the contemporary spanish science fiction, selected and edited by Fernando Ángel Moreno

    Fernando Angel Moreno_ProspectivasFernando Ángel Moreno, professor at the Madrid Complutense University, and co-editer of the academic journal Hélice (Propeller) is responsible for the selection and the foreword of  „Prospectives : The Anthology of the actual Spanish science fiction stories” (Prospectivas : Antología del cuento de ciencia ficción española actual). A monumental work for which Prof. Moreno dived within many magazines, books and publications in order to offer to the readers a total of eighteen stories that represent the various strands of the Spanish science fiction between 1981 and 2011.

    From the pure science fiction where imagination and the fantasy worlds are the main attraction, to the most bitter and disturbing dystopias. Not to forget those with remarkable ingenuity rewriting the past (“Mein Führer”, “Latest pages of an autobiography”) or served with  a wrapper of humor to convey their messages (“Arcan”, “Teaching a Martian”) .
    The meaning of this anthology’s encompassing title( is referring to prospective science fiction as one “whose obsession is intellectual reflection”. And is that with all these stories, to a greater or lesser extent, we will think about our role in the world and the reality in which we live. – Jaime Valero (

    Science fiction is perhaps the most representative narrative genre of the twentieth century. In his extensive record from entertainment to more imaginative and carefree sharpest cultural criticism, the genre has proven adequate to address special like no other collective fears and hopes.

    In Spain could not otherwise occur. From the eighties and nineties, science fiction has proven its worth, aesthetic concern and its acceptance by readers. His growers have explored from a rich diversity of voices traditional gender issues: the time travel, alien invasion, the estrangement of the unknown, dystopian projections … This volume is intended as an invitation to discover the wealth of styles and themes – for the uninitiated reader – and a chance to revisit some of the best Spanish science fiction stories written during the last thirty years.” – Fernando Ángel Moreno

    “Prospectives : The Anthology of the actual Spanish science fiction stories” (Prospectivas : Antología del cuento de ciencia ficción española actual), 432 pages,  Salto de Página Publishing Press, Púrpura Series nr.39, 2012

    Fernando Angel MorenoThe list of stories and authors:

    – Spanish Science Fiction by Fernando Ángel Moreno (Intro / Article)

    -“The Herd”  (El Rebaño) by César Mallorquí

    -“The Star” (La Estrella) by Elia Barceló

    -“Mein Führer” by Rafael Marín

    -“Alacrán’s Kisses” (Besos de Alacrán) by Leon Arsenal

    -“All that a man can imagine” (Todo lo que un hombre puede imaginar) by Juan Miguel Aguilera

    -“Arcan” by Manuel Vilas

    -“The Highway” (La Carretera ) by Rodolfo Martínez

    -“Dragons in the Center” (Dragones en el Centro) by Joaquín Revuelta

    – “Teaching a Martian” (Enseñando a un Marciano) by Daniel Mares

    -“Patrick Hannahan and the Secret Wars” (Patrick Hannahan y las Guerras Secretas) by Eduardo Vaquerizo

    -“Train” (Tren) by Julian Díez

    – “The Deep Smell of the Earth” (El Olor Profundo de la Tierra) by Juan Antonio Fernández Madrigal

    -“Autumn Days” (Días de otoño) by Santiago Eximeno

    -“The Diogenes Brigade” (Brigada Diógenes) by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel

    -“Poetik GmbH” by Carlos Pavón

    -“Last pages of an autobiography” (Últimas Páginas de una Autobiografía) by Roberto Bartual

    -“The Alien” (El Extraño) by Matías Candeira

    -“Neo-Tokyo Blues’ by José Ramón Vázquez

    – Editorial Note by Fernando Ángel Moreno


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