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Professor Arielle Saiber’s “World Science Fiction” course


Professor Arielle Saiber will be teaching a college course entitled “World Science Fiction” in the spring semester of 2015 (January – May).  The course is for undergraduates and taught in English. The syllabus is not complete as of yet, but will consist of short stories, a few films, and literary criticism.  There will also be a speaker series in which 10 writers/scholars will visit the class ‘virtually’ (via Skype), each briefly discussing their country’s SF.

Saiber is in the process of building a website for the course that helps students navigate this immense field, and welcomes any suggestions for any of the sections:


articles (critical essays)





short stories

societies and conventions

terminology and concepts.  

suggestions and questions may be sent to asaiber@bowdoin.edu

She hopes this website might serve other instructors of “World SF” and would be delighted to be in conversation with writers and scholars working in and on World SF.  The site is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0, and the material gathered on each page maybe be used with citation: Arielle Saiber, World Science Fiction Course, Bowdoin College, 2015: http://courses.bowdoin.edu/ital-2500-spring-2015/

Saiber is a scholar of Italian Literature, particularly medieval and Renaissance literature, but she has been working on Italian SF and World SF contemporaneously in recent years. Some of her writing can be found here: https://bowdoin.academia.edu/ariellesaiber 

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