Prix Pierre Bottero, Les Oniriques Festival (France)

    The Prix Pierre Bottero awarded at the Les Oniriques Festival (The Festival of the Imaginary Cultures, 6th-8th of March 2015, Lyon-Meyzieu, Rhône-Alpes, France), for Young Adult Fantastic Fiction was won by the talented Élodie Tirel for her novel “É-Den. Les Survivants” (E-Den. The Survivors”), Michel Quintin Press.

    The É-Den Trilogy consists of the volumes “Les survivants” (The Survivors), “La traque” (The Stalking), “Les mutants” (The Mutants) published between 2014-2015 by Michel Quintin Press.

    The Prix Pierre Bottero was given Friday, 6th of March 2015  at Ciné Meyzieu by Erik L’Homme and Gilles Francescano in the presence of selected authors, voters and the public.

    Élodie Tirel 

    The Prix Pierre Bottero was created on the 2nd edition of Les Oniriques Festival,  it’s a new literary award for an Young Adult Fantastika novel. The Prix Pierre Bottero is awarded by young readers from the East Lyon region in memory of the writer Pierre Bottero. The Prix Pierre Bottero organizers are Béatrice Wicinski, Ghislaine Karaghieuzian and Frédérique Malvesin.

    With this award the team of the Les Oniriques Festival have set four objectives:

    – To attract the teenagers to Les Oniriques Festival
    – To develop the practice of reading among youngsters
    – To encourage discussion and debate
    – To promote the literatures of the imagination.

    Prix Bottero Selection of Works

    The Prix Pierre Bottero official selection was established in July 2014 by a reading committee, composed of eight librarians that met in the library of Meyzieu. Six French language Young Adult Fantasy novels were chosen from over 60 titles published between 1 January 2013 and 30 June 2014.

    The selection criteria :

    The selected works belong to the genre of the literatures of the imagination: fantastika, fantasy, science fiction and were originally published in the french language. The Literary criteria are involved in the choice of selection: the relevance of the topics, the originality, the style, the literary consistency, the suspense …
    The award : From October 2014 through January 2015, the teenagers read the selected novels and then vote in their class or in their book club between 30 January and 26 February 2015.

    Pierre Bottero (1964–2009) , his life, his work

    Pierre Bottero was born February 15, 1964  in Barcelonnette, in the French Alps. As a very young man, he came to live in Provence; a region he never left since then. He said by the way that he wouldn’t be able to live without sun, mistral and cicadas. Married and father of a family, he worked as a primary school teacher for a long time, before turning completely towards writing. Passionate by the French literature and convinced of the power of imagination and words, he always dreamed of alternate universes, dragons and magic. Pierre died November 8th, 2009.

    Convinced of the power of imagination and words, Pierre published his first book “Amies à vie” (Friends for Life) in 2001, followed by the double trilogy, the Ewilan Saga (2003, 2004), the trilogy “L’autre”, 2006 (The Other) and “Le pacte des Marchombres”, 2008 (The Pact of Marchombres). His love of Fantasy  was born of an intense literary encounter with J.R.R. Tolkien’s fiction, followed by deep and frequent divings into Farmer’s, Zelazny’s, Howard’s, Bradley’s, Moorcock’s and Leiber’s universes, as well as other master magicians of fiction.
    Pierre Bottero suddenly died in 2009.

    When asked from where his inspiration came from, he replied generally about the impact these readings had on his imagination, or even his personality, before adding he never felt like having invented anything: ” I just open the door and the story goes from my mind to my computer”.










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