Premio Italia 2014 : And the Winners Are…

    The 2014 „Premio Italia” (Italy SF Award)  is a recognition of the Italian science fiction and fantasy. Established in 1972, Premio Italia is the celebration of the Italian SFF fandom’s  appreciation  for domestic production of the previous year.

    The categories have changed over the years, including the best novels, the best short stories, best magazines and fanzines, the best editors, the best illustrators, etc… including the method of voting, which in some periods was open to all fans, at other times was the responsibility of large juries, with different systems of calculation of votes.

    italcon 40

    Premio Italia is traditionally awarded during the final dinner of Italcon, the Italian National Convention of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The 2014 Italcon’s edition was the 40th.

    Winners of the Premio Italia’s 2014 edition

    Best SF Novel

    Livido” (Livid) by Francesco Verso (Delos Books)

    Best Fantasy Novel

    Il Gran Sole Radioso” (The Great Radiant Sun) by Donato Altomare (Edizioni Della Vigna)

    Best International Novel

    Paradisi perduti” („Paradises Lost”, 2002) by Ursula K.Le Guin (Delos Books)

    Best Professional Short Story

    Mechardionica” by Dario Tonani (Delos Digital)

    Best Amateur Short Story


    Figlio dello spazio” (Son of Space) by Franca Scapellato (Living Force Magazine)

    Best Essay (in a volume)

    Misteri dallo spazio e dal tempo” ( Mysteries of Space and Time) by Giovanni Mongini (Edizioni Della Vigna)

    Best Professional Article

    Le prime immagini di Into Darkness” (The first images of Into Darkness) by Alberto Lisiero and Gabriella Cordone (Ultimo Avamposto)

    Best Amateur Article

    La mappa del futuro” (The Map of the Future : A look at the Science Fiction since 1984) by Giovanni De Matteo (Next-Station)

    Best Artist

    Franco Brambilla

    Best Editor

    Emanuele Manco (“Fantasy Magazine”)

    Best Translator

    Salvatore Proietti

    Best SF Books Series

    Odissea Fantascienza” (SF Odyssey) (Delos Books)

    Best SF Professional Magazine

    Robot” (Delos Books)

    Best Amateur Magazine

     Fondazione SF Magazine

    Best Amateur Web Site/Best Amateur Online Magazine (ex aequo)

    Cronache di un sole lontano” (Chronicles of a Faraway Sun)

    Yavin 4 Fan Club

    Best Comics Artist

    Carlo Recagno

    Congratulations to all winners !


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