Portal to the Fantastic, University of Salzburg, Austria

    Portal to the Fantastic presents a systematic introduction to a wide range of fantastic narratives and forms of artistic expression.

    Each entry includes a biographical sketch of the author, an annotated list of characters, a plot summary, information on the setting and the creative reception, and a critical commentary. Portal to the Fantastic aims at a wide range of readers interested in the fantastic and in how it is embedded in a particular context of time and space.

    To show how the fantastic interrelates with social, political, anthropological and cultural concerns, Portal to the Fantastic includes search functions which list narratives according to special interest areas.

    Portal to the Fantastic was launched in 2008. It was developed in connection with a research project funded by the FWF on Fantastic Body Transformations in English Literature (2004-2008) and subsequently transformed into the research group ALiEN (Alternative Lives in Experimental Narratives) at the Department of English and American Studies of the University of Salzburg.

    Starting with English narratives, Portal to the Fantastic was from the very beginning intended to develop into a portal to fantastic narratives and forms of artistic expression from all over Europe and from all Continents (authors). Following the foundational conference of the international Association for Research in the Fantastic (GFF) in 2010, Portal to the Fantastic is now officially associated with it.”

    Authors : Margaret Atwood, J. G. Ballard, Iain Banks, A. S. Byatt, Aldous Huxley, Rudyard Kipling, Hanif Kureishi, Paul McAuley, Maurice Renard, Han Ryner, Brian Stableford, Marina Warner.

    Works : Architects of Emortality, Brave New World, The Body, The Crystal World, Doctor Lerne, Sub-God, The Leto Bundle, Morpho Eugenia, Oryx and Crake, The Superhumans, They, The Wasp Factory, White Devils

    Categories: Ageing | Beauty | Behaviour | Bioengineering | Biotechnology | Body Transformations | Capitalism | Childhood | Cloning | Creationism | Cyborgization | Death | Education | Evolutionary Theory | Gender | Human Body | Immortality | Internet | Life Creation | Life Extension | Maturation | Nanotechnology | Posthumanism | Power | Religion | Society | Space | Time

    Portal to the Fantastic is a peer-reviewed online database (reading committee), listing scholars and dates of entry. Calls for contributions on specific topics will be posted twice a year. Please submit contributions to following the format of this portal style guide.”


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