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    Wonderwaan : Dutch SF Magazine (cover illustration : Tais Teng, Dutch Artist and Writer)

    A remarkable diversity on the European scene of the imaginary, a real creative effervescence, a lot of e-books, books, anthologies, magazines, writers, events, festivals.

    Only the language barrier was an obstacle until now but EUROPA SF is honored to spread to good news !

    And if would like to read some Dutch SF&F, don’t forget about Arie Lodder’s A Dutch Treat, the place where you can access Dutch Speculative Fiction translated in english !


    Here is the Dutch showcase gathered by the Dutch writer Peter Kaptein„Dutch SF, Fantasy, Steampunk and Horror” (Nederlandse SF, Fantasy, Steampunk en Horror) Site


    Shadows and Gods” (Verschijnsel Publishing House: Schaduwen en goden)

    Books of Fantasy: Bundle of Books of Fantasy” (Books of Fantasy: De bundel van Books of Fantasy)


    Miscellaneous: In the Shadow of the Keezending (Diversen: In de schaduw van het Keezending) ; the Keezending is the first steam engine (a pumping machine) in the Netherlands (Blijdorp polder, 1787)


    Peter Kaptein: Gila Pradopo (A SF Novella)

    NCSF : Wonderwaan (Nederlands Contactcentrum voor Science Fiction/ Dutch Contact Center For Science Fiction : the dutch Speculative Fiction Magazine Wonderwaan)

    NCSF : Dutch SF organization founded in 1965 

    Wonderwaan is the NCSF’s magazine of  the theme-related stories by typically Dutch authors. Wonderwaan currently publishes four issues a year, simultaneously with Holland-SF, the magazine of NCSF.


    Holland-SF, a Dutch SF Magazine

    The editors of Wonderwaan consists of the illustrious trio Jaap Boekestein, Marcel Orie and Roelof Goudriaan.

      Roelof Goudriaan

    From left : Jaap Boekestein, Roelof Goudriaan, Marcel Orie 

    Fantastic Tales: Ganymede 13 (Fantastische Vertellingen: Ganymedes 13 ). This is the thirteenth edition of the famous Ganymede SFFH yearbook (452 pages);  In Ganymede you will find the actual sample of the Dutch fantastic literature and art. Well-known authors and artists act as a catalyst for new emerging talents. Writers: Boukje Balder; Jaap Boekestein; Patrick Brannigan; Anaïd Haen & Django Mathijsen; Ingrid Heit; Mike Jansen; Jan J.B. Kuipers; Oxana Langbeen; Paul van Leeuwenkamp; Jos Lexmond; Martijn Lindeboom; Vincent van der Linden; Remco Meisner; Bauke Muntz; Thomas Olde Heuvelt; Marcel Orie; Frank Roger; Tais Teng; Lucas Vastenhout; Roland Westveer and Reinold Widemann.

    Wikia Imagination Page of Literature

    Wikia Imagination Page of Literature handles all original Dutch Imagination Literature, including science fiction, fantasy and horror. Wiki contains hundreds of articles on Dutch authors, illustrators, books, publishers, literary contests and prizes, and the history of the Imagination Literature in the Netherlands and Flanders.

     Writers, books and reviews : Fantasy World (Fantasy Wereld)

    Fantasy Wereld

    At Fantasy World you’ll find an extensive archive of genre writers from the Netherlands, often with reviews of books and stories. You can sort the authors by the first letter of their last name or use the search functionalit.

     Stories’ Contests and Winners

    On the site of Fred Rabouw is a comprehensive listing of events and writers to find. Who won what? Where? When?

     Publishers and their SF, Fantasy and Horror Writers

    Luitingh Sijthoff : Under the imprint of Luitingh Fantasy it publishes  since 1992 speculative fiction and fantasy from famous authors such as Terry Goodkind, Raymond E. Feist, George R.R. Martin and Markus Heitz. And of course, Dutch SFF Writers: Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Martijn Adelmund & Iris Compiet, C.M. Chang, Adrian Stone, Jack Lance and Ann Janssens.

    Q Publishing was founded in 2007 and, according to their site  started with the publication of exciting young adult novels and literary fantasy of the Dutch soil. Writers: Natalie Koch.

     Boekerij (Library) / Meulenhoff :  has been from the very beginning, the editor of the complete works of J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the timeless classic The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Writers: Peter Schaap, Wim Gijssen, W. J. Maryson and Paul Evanby,

    Link Publishing House : Link began publishing in 2012 with a series of Science Fiction and Fantasy “shorts” that are both paper and e-format. Writers: Floris Kleijne, Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Boukje Balder, Tais Teng, Paul Evanby, Guido Eeckhout and Jurgen Cords.


    Verschijnsel (Phenomenon)/Babel :  Verschijnsel (initially Babel Publications), the oldest Dutch Dutch publisher for SF, Fantasy and Horror writers. Founded in 1990, then Babylon in 1993, has launched a constant series of short stories and novels by Dutch writers like Marcel Orie, Jaap Boekestein, Graddesz Gerben Hellinga, Paul Harland, Jan J.B. Kuipers, Mike Jansen, Guido Eekhaut, Frank van Dongen, Gert P. Kuipers, Adinda Volkers, Tais Teng, Paul Leeuwenkamp Sophia Drenth, Mark Ruyffelaert and Eddy C. Bertin.

    Zilverspoor / Zilverbron ( Silver Rail/Silver Source)  is currently one of the most prolific publishers of Dutch writers. It’s portfolio has more than 60 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Dutch homegrown. Their books  still appear mostly on paper. Their writers are present with their books at each SF and Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands. Writers: Alexander Cammans, ANAID Haen, Anthonie Holslag, Anton Wolf Camp, Bianca Bushel, Clemens Van Brunschot, Cocky Van Dijk, Coen Reuvers, Dennis Barten, Eisso Post, Gaby Sadowski, Guido Eekhaut, Hans Willink, Hati Bell, Ineke Fritz, Jeff Carlson, Jochem De Jong, J. Sharpe, Kim Ten Tusscher, Koen Stender, Krista Van Der Hulst, Latoya Moirae, Ludo Noens, Melissa Skaye, Michael Reefs, Nancy Lord, Olga Maria Berger, Patrick Brannigan, Paul E. Horsman, Peter Schaap, Petra Tribe, Roselynd Randolph, Tamara Geraeds, Tom Thys, Uschi Zietsch Vincent and Nora.

     Books of Fantasy

    Books of Fantasy is a collective of fantastic  entrepreneurial authors. Writers: Pepper Kay, Laurence Mark, Marieke Frankema, Brad Extraction, Atalanta Nehmoura, Tyler Mase, M.J. Wolf, Rik Raven, Julien Top, Peter Schaap, Jaap Boekestein, Mark van Dijk and Anko van der Woude.

     Sites and magazines

    SF-Terra : The association TERRA is a non-profit organization that has the objective to promote fantasy, science fiction and horror in any form whatsoever. They do this is by publishing a semi-professional magazine (fanzine) with stories, interviews, articles and features such as the latest news, reviews (of books, films, videos and DVDs), and space related issues.

    Holland-SF is a magazine for readers who have a serious interest in SF and fantasy in a broad sense, and who want to receive new insights and opinions about SF . Holland-SF has space to deepen relevant fantastic themes, offering a healthy mix of articles from Dutch writers and critics and well-known foreign names.

    Portulaan is an A5 format quarterly magazine for art, literature, philosophy, science, religion and esotericism. The stories and feuilletons are focused on fantasy themes and the paranormal.

    Fantastiche Vertellingen (Fantastic Tales)  is a semi-regular SF/F/H magazine with stories, discussions and articles, published by Fantastic Tales Foundation (Stichting Fantastische Vertellingen)

    Azra Magazine is a literary magazine, six issues per year, also publishing fantastika stories.

    The Flying Dutch published four times a year, is the official medium of The Flying Dutch Star Trek Fan Club. The Flying Dutch publishing especially the winners of the annual Trek Sagae story contest.  : On October 31st, 2010 first appeared online and in the meantime the editorial staff consists of an  of fifteen persons. is an initiative born from a combination of work and passion, and strives to introduce new books and (in) famous authors to your knowledge.

    FantasyWereld (Fantasy World) sees itself as the Dutch website about books of the fantasy genre. Fantasy World has a comprehensive book database of more than 1,000 books and more than 500 reviews. Additionally Fantasy World holds regular interviews and guest blog posts.

    Hebban Fantasy is the Dutch Goodreads, with the addition that each genre has its own portal, with a professional editor. Fantasy, science fiction and horror (books, movies, shows, games, events) are covered by the Hebban Fantasy portal. Honest reviews, news, promotions, interviews and background information on all aspects of the fantastika genre can be found on this website. As a fantasy book is published in Dutch, you can find it on Hebban Fantasy.

    Paul Harland Prize is the oldest, largest and the most prestigious writing competition for fantastika stories in the Netherlands. Every year, each writer with one or two stories (up to 10,000 words) can compete for the top prize of 1,000 euros. The deadline is usually on 1 July and the award ceremony, during Paul Harland Day, usually in February. All the fantastika genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, slipstream, and everything in between and around it) are welcome and the subject and theme are entirely free. The PHP is organized under the auspices of the Foundation for the Promotion of the Fantastika genre. The highly skilled judges are recruited from the best Dutch writers, publishers and professionals.

    Fantastels : on July 1st, 2009 Fantastels started an annual writing contest for science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, the deadline being on October 31, Halloween. As of October 1, 2012, it was possible to register for Fantastels 2012.


    Imagicon is an annual SF, Fantasy and Horror Convention. The focus is on the panels, workshops, lectures, the cosplay and other activities. It’s an event organized by fans, for fans, which we hope everyone at the end of the day will say, “This was great!  Let’s do it again next year! ”

    Elfia began as “Elf Fantasy Fair” in the historical theme park Archeon and moved the following year to the largest castle in the Netherlands: the castle Her (Haarzuilens). With the exception of 2004 (Castle Lisse). the Elf Fantasy Fair remained in Haarzuilens. In 2009 Elfia launched a second version of the Elf Fantasy Fair,  in the small village of Arcen in North Limburg. In January 2013 the name Elf Fantasy Fair was replaced by Elfia. The spring edition of Elfia is also called the ‘Light Edition‘, while the autumn edition is characterized as the Dark Edition.

    Beneluxcon  : The Dutch NCSF (Nederlands Contact Centrum voor Science Fiction) organises a Beneluxcon for all the SF-fans in the Low Lands : Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Beneluxcon will probably take place in 2015.  Beneluxcon is a SF convention that lasts for one weekend. The event will have several famous writers as guests of honour and lots of program items, like workshops, panels, quizzes, film and an banquet and dealer rooms.

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    “The Respect of the Head-waiters” by Tais Teng

    Tais Teng’s Gallery :



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