Perspectives on the City of the Future with Bruce Sterling and Alain Damasio (Lyon, France)


Bruce Sterling                                 Alain Damasio

As part of the European Lab, a meeting with the french SF writer Alain Damasio and the famous american SF writer Bruce Sterling is taking place Wednesday, May 28 in Lyon, on the theme “Perspectives on the City of the Future” (Regards croisés sur la ville du futur).

The moderator is the journalist Valérie Paillé.

The panel will be held between 16 h 30 to 18 h 30 at Hotel de Région (1 Esplanade Mitterrand 69002 Lyon).

Created in 2011 with the support of the European Union, European Lab is an European platform for cultural exchanges and reflection giving voice to new generations of European players in the fields of culture, the creation of innovation, new media and entrepreneurship.

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