Paweł Frelik, Polish science fiction researcher – President of SFRA


    Dr. Paweł Frelik, has been elected to the Science Fiction Research Association Executive Committee for 2013-2014, at a position of the President of the Association. Here’s an excerpt from his candidate’s statement:

    “… I will endeavor to conduct all statutory duties of the president but there are also two areas in which I would like SFRA to expand in particular and which constitute my bona fide program. The first is SFRA’s expansion into areas, both thematic and social, which reflect science fiction’s increasingly diverse interests and science fiction studies’ connectedness with other disciplines. In this area I would like to foster further internationalization outside North America, emphasize member recruitment in non-Anglophone countries, and strengthen links with other academic associations such as the Utopian Studies Society or the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, whose areas of interest may overlap with ours. …” []


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