“Passepartout”, an Italian Amateur Science Fiction Movie

    Passepartout“Passepartout” is an interesting italian amateur project mixing science fiction and comedy. It’s the work of an young director, Lorenzo Buscaino. The movie tells the story of two boys, Eros Bosi, (who is also the director’s assistant), and Andrea Buscaino, (the director’s brother) trying to help the alien Vegar (Elisa Rosati) following the crash of her’s spacecraft to Earth. This alien has a strange object that will prove to be a key element leading to a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, a mysterious individual turns to be an alien whose mission is to hunt down Vegar. The cast also includes the local comedian Pierluigi Stentella.

    The film will be released later in the year, but there’s already a trailer on Youtube. Here it is:



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