Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show : 6th – 7th of February 2016 (France)

    For its 21th edition, Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7 of February 2016, The PARIS MANGA & SCI-FI SHOW remains at Porte de Versailles, with more than 20, 000 sqm, featuring many exhibitors and entertainment.

    Paris Manga and Sci-Fi Show is one of the leading cartoon and animation sector trade shows in France. The show exclusively focuses on Japanese comics and creative print cartoon varieties. The show ranks high on the popularity count, with a large number of visitors attending the show on a regular basis.

    PARIS MANGA & SCI-FI SHOWParticipants are offered the chance to win attractive gifts at the several exciting games and contests that are held during the show. Several topical workshops are also organized here, enhancing the worth of the event further.

    Paris Manga and Sci-Fi Show features an extensive range of comic strips that are exhibited at the show. The range of cartoons displayed at the show includes highly popular names, including Spiderman, Batman and X-men. The show also features a series of fashion shows, karaoke sessions and other special events. For all fans of Manga merchandise, this show is indeed the ideal place to visit.

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