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    The italian Paolo Secondini has launched a very interesting project, a multingual one (italian, french, spanish, portuguese, romanian in the future), dedicated to the translation into the above mentioned languages of speculative fiction. Congratulations, Paolo, good luck and keep up your good work !

    PEGASUS is a blog of speculative fiction created by Paul Secondini and open to collaboration with any writer.

    The stories received will be subjected to a careful and objective assessment and published only if they are fit, if they are not devoid of interest and literary qualities.

    The blog is not for profit; it’s born out of sheer passion for speculative fiction. Therefore, there are no fees for those who send their stories or cooperate in any other way.

    All the sent works of fiction, reviews, interviews, translations, drawings, essays etc. are therefore, free of charge, and each author retains full rights. Who does not agree with the above mentioned points, please do not send your art and literature.

    To develop, we need your help and your cooperation. Read PEGASUS and send us your suggestions AND your opinions, please !

    Pegasus organizes a free First Contest of unpublished original stories in order to publish an anthology (this time in Spanish), like all other anthologies edited and published by

    The stories, having no more than 10,000 characters including spaces, must be absolutely „fantastic” (horror, gothic, surreal, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, etc.) and sent to accompanied by the following statement :

    The undersigned (name) sends freely and authorizes the eventual publication of his/her original and unpublished story (title), which I have and retain all rights, to be published in the anthology called AA.VV.- PEGASUS ORIGINAL TALES. The stories must be submitted up to 20th of June 2015. Free copies will be delivered to the prohects participants. Keep in mind that Pegasus is not a publisher. Thank you !” – Paolo Secondini

    Authors featured in PEGASUS : Danilo Concas (UK), Valérie Bédard (Canada), Pierre Jean Brouillaud (France), Natasha Beaulieu (France), Micky Papoz (France), Serena Gentilhomme (France), Jean-Pierre Planque (France), Ismael Rodríguez Laguna (Spain), Luisa María García Velasco (Spain), Sergio Gaut vel Hartman  (Argentina),  Eduardo Poggi (Argentina), Cristian J. Caravello  (Argentina), Daniel Frini (Argentina), Claudio Biondino (Argentina), Guillermo Enrique Vidal (Argentina), Héctor Francisco Ranea Sandoval (Argentina), Aldo Flores Escobar (Mexico),  Adriana Alarco de Zadra (Perù –Italy), Vittorio Catani (Italy), Gianluca Turconi (Italy), Antonio Bellomi (Italy), Massimo Mongai (Italy),  Paolo Durando (Italy), Donato Altomare  (Italy), Giuliana Seveso (Italy), Massimo Licari  (Italy), Betina Goransky (Italy), Maurizio Setti (Italy), Gianni Sarti (Italy), Giuseppe C. Budetta (Italy), Fabio Calabrese  (Italy), Giorgio Sangiorgi (Italy), Antonio Ognibene (Italy), Giuseppe Novellino (Italy), Sauro Nieddu (Italy), Fabio Lastrucci (Italy), Stefano Valente (Italy).


    Estimados amigos,

    les presentamos la primera edición de PEGASUS INTERNACIONAL EN ESPAÑOL, que forma parte de blog italiano de Paolo Secondini

    P E G A S U S –

    Los autores que publican en este proyecto no pierden sus derechos de autor y permiten que sus relatos se traduzcan a otros idiomas para los números subsiguientes de Pegasus Internacional.  Para que este proyecto siga creciendo, ruego a los escritores de lengua española interesados que envíen sus colaboraciones para el próximo número a la responsable de la edición en español de Pegasus Internacional, Adriana Alarco:


    Chers amis,

    PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL tient les promesses de son nouveau titre. Il diffuse aujourd’hui son premier numéro en langue française.  Les auteurs qui y figurent sont publiés régulièrement dans l’édition originale dirigée par Paolo Secondini.

    Le présent numéro de PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL en langue française a été préparé par Pierre Jean Brouillaud.

    PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL publie un large choix d’auteurs de langues latines.

    Pour vivre et se développer il a besoin de votre aide et de votre collaboration. Lisez-le, faites le lire autour de vous et envoyez nous vos commentaires ainsi que vos suggestions.

    P E G A S U S –

    PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL – Língua portuguesa

    Começa, com este número, a secção lusófona do site Pegasus SF International.

    O objectivo da iniciativa é difundir e publicar textos de género ficção científica, fantástico, mistério, nos seus idiomas originais. STEFANO VALENTE é o responsável pela secção da língua portuguesa.

    Os contos têm de ser não muito compridos, e também as “míni-antologias” de micro-ficção podem ser admitidas (vejam-se os contos publicados).

    Os autores não perdem os direitos dos seus textos e aceitam que os seus contos possam ser traduzidos em outros idiomas para a publicação em Pegasus SF.

    Para quem se interessar em participar nesta iniciativa:

    Enviar os textos ao correio eletrónico:

    É preferível não enviar mais que dois ou três contos – ou micro-antologias – por mês.


    Paolo Secondini

    Paolo Secondini

    Writer for pleasure and passion, the italian Paul Secondini has published short stories in anthologies of various publishers, including Freaks Editions, Faenza; Scudo Edizioni, Bologna; Damster Edizioni, Modena; Giulio Perrone Editore, Rome; Montegrappa Edizioni, Monterotondo (Roma); GDS Edizioni, Vaprio d’Adda (Milano).

    Paolo published  a collection of short stories, „Il paese dei semplici” (The land of the simpletons) and a novella, „Buongiorno, professore!” (Good Morning, Professor !).

    A short story of Paolo, „Un ottimo pasto” published in the „Iustitia Mortis” anthology (Scudo Edizioni), has been translated into French under the title „Un gueuleton” by the french science fiction writer Pierre Jean Brouillaud.



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