“Out of Control Sound & Light Show”, Atomium, Brussels (Belgium)

    ID#2014, digital art reinvents the Atomium.
    “Launched in the summer of 2013, ID# [Innovative Display] is the Atomium’s summer festival dedicated to digital art. With this programme, the Atomium opens up its exhibition areas to artists and they get complete carte blanche. An exploration of digital poetry, ID#2014 questions the qualities of light, sound and space. The end result of this process is a highly original, contemporary installation, specifically designed for the Atomium.
    The 2014 exhibition, entitled “Out of Control” by Visual System, explores the theme of the inevitable advent of the super-machine. It shows a version of an artificial intelligence battling against a computer virus.
    Based on [Hors Contrôle] the latest novel from Stéphane Beauverger, “Out Of Control” looks at the conflict between two opposing sides: the Heart and the Virus.
    By its very nature as well as its history, the Atomium is the ideal setting for this installation. The Atomium was born in an era that saw the future both as a promise of progress and a source of concern. The site is an incarnation of this golden age of science fiction, examining the relationship between a man and the conscious machine. By welcoming the disoriented machine of “Out of Control“, the Atomium reminds us that technology continues to question humankind about its very nature.
    Out Of Control” is a series of sound (realised by Thomas Vaquié) and light cycles that tell the story of a conflict. The different stages are presented to the visitors as they make their way through the installation within the Atomium. Each stage focuses on the different phases of this endless conflict, followed by stages in which the virus dominates and recedes.
    So this is not about telling a story in the traditional sense of a narrative with a beginning, a middle and an end. It is about using the sounds and visual features of the space inhabited by the installation to express the fluctuations created by the confrontation between the Virus and the Heart.”
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