ode to an asexual


    This page contains:

    • Abuse
    • Acephobia
    • Drug use
    • Sex

    You tell me

    Oh baby we just need

    To get it on

    You tell me

    Sex is what makes us human


    I just need to try it

    Again, perhaps,

    If it did not work the first time


    Yeah, again

    Sex is what makes us human


    I made myself cry

    Going into this

    Is it not natural?

    How can you say you do not want it?


    There must

    Be something


    With me

    I get drunk and feel strong

    I scream in rollercoasters

    I cry at movies

    I devour books whole

    When I write I

    Feel free

    I am free



    But sex

    Our enjoyment of it

    Is what makes us


    From the animals

    The animals

    Rutting, mindless animals


    I do not enjoy it

    There must be something

    Wrong with me

    You say

    There must

    Be something wrong

    With me



    Well you see

    I like the feel

    Of a book’s spine

    In my hands

    Still unbroken

    I like

    The taste of orange

    Bursting on my tongue

    I like when I

    Close my eyes

    And see

    Your face

    I like

    Wine on a summer’s day


    Scott tells me

    ‘be virtuous’

    Will tells me

    ‘to a nunnery’

    Gustave tells me

    None of it matters

    Do you want to be made love to,

    Or do you want to be fucked?


    Neither, I say

    And you scoff at me

    I like

    Wine on a summer’s day

    The love of my life

    Does not like rollercoasters

    I do not push

    I love rollercoasters

    The love

    Of my


    Does not like wine

    Does not like alcohol


    I feel

    A freak

    Going crying

    From a doctor’s office

    This Obsession

    Everyone has

    That I do not share


    I joke

    About it

    Even to me

    Sex is funny

    And I am



    To keep it shut

    (it is the only smart thing about me)


    Sex is funny

    When it’s a joke


    I like wine on a summer’s day

    I like the taste of orange bursting on my tongue

    I like the love of my life, their face, their voice, their hair

    I like the crack of a book’s spine broken in my hands

    I like when I see your



    Dear Mary’s creature asked

    Is there none in the world like me,

    And am I then a monster?

    If I could only love

    Despite my


    If there was only some like me


    If I could only love

    (it is synonymous with sex

    Is it not)

    I say

    To the love of my life

    And they hold me

    And remind me

    It is not

    And you can


    And I do


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