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Nominations for the DSFP 2014


The Deutscher Science Fiction Preis (=DSFP) is an annual science-fiction award for the best short story and the best novel written in German language. Each winner is going to get a prize of 1000 euro cash, sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. The awarding ceremony will be at the SchlossCon in Schwerin, Germany. Here are the nominations for 2014:



  • »Spuren im Sand«, author: Bettina Ferbus, in »Enter Sandman – Inspiration Metallica«, edited by Michael Haitel, p.machinery, ISBN-13 978-3-942533-71-3
  • »Seitwärts in die Zeit«, author: Axel Kruse, in »Seitwärts in die Zeit« – story collection by Axel Kruse, p.machinery, ISBN-13 978-3-942533-75-1
  • »Coen Sloterdykes diametral levitierendes Chronoversum«, author: Michael Marrak, in »Nova 21«, edited by Michael K. Iwoleit and Olaf G. Hilscher, Nova-Verlag, ISSN 1864-2829
  • »Agnes«, author: Tedine Sanss, in »Die große Streifenlüge – Inspiration Kate Bush«, edited by Michael Haitel, p.machinery, ISBN-13 978-3-942533-69-0
  • »Operation Heal«, author: Merlin Thomas, in »Blackburn«, edited by Michael Haitel, p.machinery, ISBN-13 978-3-942533-70-6


  • »Dschiheads«, author: Wolfgang Jeschke, Heyne Verlag, ISBN-13 978-3-453-31491-7
  • »Drake«, author: H. D. Klein, Atlantis Verlag, ISBN-13 978-3-86402-063-6
  • »Das Dickicht [Vilm Band 3]«, author: Karsten Kruschel, Wurdack Verlag, ISBN-13 978-3-938065-93-8
  • »SchrottT«, author: Uwe Post, Atlantis Verlag, ISBN-13 978-3-86402-126-8
  • »Traumzeitmonde«, author: Sven Edmund Reiter, Adebor Verlag, ISBN-13 978-3-944269-05-4
  • »Nebenweit (Nebenan unendlich weit)«, author: Heinz Zwack, Atlantis Verlag, ISBN-13 978-3-86402-099-5
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Nina Horvath has studied at the University of Vienna. Her mother tongue is German. She is a keen author of short stories and published over two dozens in zines and anthologies. Her favourite genre is science-fiction. She had also been editor of the short story collections "Die Schattenuhr", "Metamorphosen - Auf den Spuren H.P. Lovecrafts" and "Darwins Schildkröte". In 2012 she won the awards "Vincent Preis" for the best horror anthology and the "Deutscher Phantastik Preis" for the best fantastic short story. (This one was also 3rd at the "DSFP" for the best science-fiction story.)


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