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Mariano Villarreal’s Spanish SF in the 21st Century

“Spanish SF, Fantasy and Horror are almost unknown outside of Spain.

To be sure, Spanish works are published in Latin American countries (and vice versa) since we speak the same language and share cultural references, and books get translated in continental Europe.

However, in the global market—in English—we scarcely come across any genre fiction by Spanish authors.

Nevertheless, here’s a narrative tradition of great interest for those who don’t speak Spanish, counting titles of high literary quality and speculative ingenuity, with authors of international renown and its own classics.

Historically there’s been a constant evolution in pursuit of higher standards of excellence and a wider readership, and these days, despite the economic crisis, genre books occupy a small but significant wedge of the national output of books.

Few are the works that make waves, the most outstanding being the “Victorian Trilogy” of Félix J. Palma, whose first novel, “The Map of Time”, reached the New York Times best-seller list.

Other noteworthy titles are the SFthriller “Zigzag
by José Carlos Somoza, finalist in 2008 for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best SF novel of the year;
Tears in Rain” by Rosa Montero, a follow-up to Blade Runner; and the 1887 classic “The Time Ship” by Enrique Gaspar which describes a time machine eight years before H.G. Wells did so.”

Rachel Cordasco’s SF in Translation Site :

“El viento soñador y otros relatos” (The Dreaming Wind and Other Stories), to be launched in February 2018

Editor: Mariano Villareal

The new anthology of the Nova Fantástica series of the Sportula Press, will include some of the best stories in the world’s short narrative SFF along with great stories written originally in Spanish.
Eleven stories with winning stories and/or finalists of the most important international awards and new voices of the global SFF panorama.


1.- El viento soñador (The Dreaming Wind) – Jeffrey Ford
Translation by María Pilar San Román
Finalist of Nebula and Sturgeon Awards in 2008

2.- Distant Replay – Mike Resnick
Translation by Ramón Peña
Finalist of Hugo Award in 2008

3.- Stone Wall Truth – Caroline M. Yoachim
Translation by Manu Viciano
Nominated to the Nebula Award in 2011

4.- Ghostreaper, or, Life After Revenge – Tim Pratt
Translation by David Tejera

5.- El naturalista – Maureen F. McHugh
Translation by Carlos Pavón

6.- La concubina y el bárbaro (The Concubine and the Barbarian)- Rodolfo Martínez

7.- Rojo (Red) – Cristina Jurado

8.- En la isla (On the island) – José Jesús García Rueda

9.- Las cadenas de la casa de Hadén (The Chains of the House of Hadén) – Ferran Varela

10.- Rosa de Navidad (Christmas Rose) – Abel Amutxategi

11.- El horror de Valserenosa (The Horror of Valserenosa) – Rubene Guirauta

Ciudad Nómada y otros relatos” (Nomad City and Other Stories), a contemporary SF anthology

Editor: Mariano Villareal


1.- “Seven Birthdays” – Ken Liu
Translation by Manuel de los Reyes
Finalist of the Locus Award 2017

2.- “Movement” – Nancy Fulda
Translation by José Óscar Hernández Sendín
Finalist of the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 2012

3.- “Tumbledown” – Kameron Hurley
Translation by Alexander Páez

4.- “After the Apocalypse” – Maureen F. McHugh
Translation by Arrate Hidalgo

5.- “Mother Ship” by Caroline M. Yoachim
Translation by Manu Viciano

6.- “Ciudad nómada, rebaño miseria” (Nomad City, Misery Flock ) – Pablo Loperena
Winner of the Certamen Alberto Magno de Ciencia Ficción Award in 2016

7.- “One Hit” – Josué Ramos
Finalist of the Domingo Santos Award in 2016

8.- “Blue” – Víctor Selles

9.- “Felicidad®” (Happiness®) – Bandinnelli

10.- “Tableaux vivants” (Living Pictures) – Elaine Vilar Madruga

11.- “Protocolos de desconexión” (Disconnection Protocols) – Andrea Prieto

Ilustration: “Artificial Dreams” by the US artist Julie Dillon

El viento soñador y Ciudad Nómada

No son molinos” (They Are Not Mills)

An Anthology by Cachava and Boina (Cerbero Press)

Although published in 2017, this anthology that includes 20 stories will be commercially distributed in January 2018.
20 stories that mix the deep Spain with the fantastic, science fiction and horror, where the rural and the strange go hand in hand and the national mythology goes out to dance under the light of the moon.


Poema – Juan Carlos Teso
Prólogo – Juanma Santiago
Vida del Padre Lobis. El auténtico lobizón de Nueva Vizcaya – Luis Besa
Temblores – Cristina Jurado
Quién, cuando yo grite, me escuchará – Daniel Pérez Navarro
El ovillo – Alicia Pérez Gil
La sombra del candil – Ana Roux
Luminarias – Layla Martinez
Deli Bal – Raquel Froilán
Lemmings – Nieves Mories
Cuídate, hija, de la Garduña – Virginia Buedo
No se tira nada – Eduardo Vaquerizo
Una línea en la pizarra – Conchi Regueiro
Aceite – Alejandro Candela Rodríguez
Manuscrito hallado en Ilerda – Albert Kadmon
Home do unto – Juan González Mesa
La noche en que se llevaron a Anastasio – Yolanda Camacho
Una casa en el baro – Haizea M. Zubieta
Anomalía gallinácea: auge y caída de los transpollos – Dani Almodovar
El viento: una historia de La Frontera – Raúl Gonzálvez
50% poliéster 50% algodón – Adolfina García
La encantá del barranco – Enerio Dima

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