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    mundos-en-el-abismoBibliopolis has reissued “Mundos en el abismo” (Worlds into abyss), a novel written by Juan Miguel Aguilera and Javier Redal, celebrating 25th year first edition. “Mundos en el abismo” is a Spanish science-fiction classic, and it was continued with several novels in the same universe, Akasa-Pupsa. The plot combines perfectly space-opera, hard sf, cosmological speculation and military thriller.

    Celsius 232II Fantastic Literature Festival Celsius 232 will be held in Avilés (northern Spain) from 31 july to 3 august. It has been announced assistance of several writers like Robert J. Sawyer, Christopher Priest, Joe Abercrombie and Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

    José Antonio SuárezJosé Antonio Suárez takes several years writing science-fiction novels, with commercial success and critical acclaim. At the present time, he is reissuing his print books into digital. The last novel available by Suárez is “Fire Crystals”, a political thriller starring by five races, including human, competing for superconductor mineral deposits in a planet.

    Curtis Garland 1February 5th died at 85 the writer Juan Gallardo Muñoz, better know by a nickname he used writing: Curtis Garland. Between 50´and early 80´, in Spain there was a pulp literature boom, with “novelas de a duro” (“duro novels”, “duro” was the 5 pesetas coin). Garland written over 2.000 novels – science fiction, terror, western, mistery, war,…-. There were small books, approximately 80-100 pages, sold at newspaper kiosk. Garland, some weeks, wrote three novels. Some years ago, he wrote a memoir, telling about that time.

    Calabazas trasteroIn a previous bulletin, I presented the topic terror magazine “Calabazas en el trastero” (“Pumpkins in the attic”). Recently, editors announced two new anthologies, and called for horror stories about “Football” and “Cthulhu Myths”.


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