News from Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation

    The summer (or winter down under) issue of Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation
    is now up (just a day or so before its nominal posting day of 20th April).

    SF2 Concatenation only has three principal seasonal issues of news and reviews a year and this
    is one of those.

    Included is our large seasonal news round-up

    In that there is quite a bit of convention news including of the
    various forthcoming Worldcons and Eurocons

    and a number of other conventions

    There is a lot of other stuff, such as book reviews, but perhaps SciFi Portal visitors might also like our     top SF/F films of the year (12 months to Easter) page which (espcially lower down) has suggestions for films to hire for the evening (especially a few independents from around the world – including some great European offerings). It actually takes quite a bit of research with the top ten itself being an analysis of 52 weeks worth of box office take. And there are links to film trailers so you can make your own mind up as to what you’ll likely enjoy.


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