New Russian Language SF&Fantasy Titles, August 2013 – Patrice and Viktoriya Lajoye (France)

    Few interesting things, this month on the rusophone SF&F publishing market. Maybe because it’s summer, but there are many translations available (from English, of course), and also many „SF action” titles.
    In August, we only retain three books.

    A reissue first: the first volume of a new cycle ”Time of Chimeras” (Vremya Himery) by Yuliya Zonis, a book named „Pandora’s Genome” (Genom Pandory).
    A novel mixing the post-apocalyptic plot with the cyberpunk, the ”Time of Chimeras” sees following a massive spraying of questionable nutrients, a complete disrupt of the biosphere. Humanity takes refuge in enclaves, where it tries to coexist with cyborgs and androids, trying to cope with this new situation. The ruling elite is composed of immortals genetically engineered.

    Three publishers, the Russian Snezhnyy Kom and the Ukrainian Shiko and Maksim, cooperated in order to publish a collection of 100 micro-stories, „Zarisovka O”, edited by Alexandra Davydova. Davydova received the Encouragement Award at the 2013 Eurocon (Kiev, Ukraine) for a short novel already published by Shiko.

    Finnaly, with no direct connection with the Russian-speaking literature, we want to note the publication of a massive study (416 pages) on Tolkien, by Sergey Alexeyev, by the Veche publisher from Moscow.
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    Reposted by the permission of the authors. We’re thanking them.
    The original post in french is on the authors’ blog, Russkaya Fantastika :
    “Les parutions en russe – août 2013” :


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