New Management at ESFS

    The European Science Fiction Society has gone through a generational shift at the Kiev Eurocon last weekend. It’s not always easy to find people to run organisations like this, and the same familiar faces have manned the posts of the organisation for quite a few years. So it’s probably a very good thing to get some fresh blood in the organisation, and this time there’s also a representative of Finland among the names.

    The new board of ESFS is:

    • Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf (Sweden), chair
    • Saija Kyllönen (Finland), vice chair
    • Vanja Kranjčević (Croatia), treasurer
    • Gareth Kavanaugh (Ireland), secretary
    • Bridget Wilkinson (UK), award administrator
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    The new board has promised to streamline the workings of the organisation, especially the General Meetings of ESFS (hooray!), and to develop the website (a very good thing, since the current one seems to be down altogether). I wish the new board success in their endeavours !

    Republished by the permission of the author. We’re thanking him !

    P.S.1 : The ESFS site is working now but the list of the 2013 Awards is not yet posted.

    P.S. 2 : „News from Eurocon”, a post of Cheryl Morgan : „ there appears to have been something of a revolution. For as long as I can remember, the European Science Fiction Society has been run by the same small group of people. Now we have a new committee… That’s a much more diverse group than before, and one I expect to be a lot more open and proactive.”

    P.S. 2 : on the 2013 Eurocon and the ESFS Awards.


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