Marathon Reading of Stanisław Lem’s “Solaris”

    Marina Abramovic Institute and “The Atlas Review“, had organized a marathon reading at the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA) on August 3rd, from 2:30pm to 10:30pm. Over the course of six+ hours, more than forty writers and collaborators had read from Stanislaw Lem’s classicSolaris”.

    The attendees accepted to be blindfolded in order to better concentrate on the reading.

    The Organizers of the event had included Natalie Eilbert, founding editor of “The Atlas Review”, Dolan Morgan, contributing editor, and Siena Oristaglio, head of communications for the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI)

    But why Solaris? The book’s themes touch upon the extraordinary expanses of human capacity, akin to the institute’s own relationship with art. A sentient ocean on another planet that forces observers inward? Yes.”

    Marina Abramovic Institute  will be the first cultural center committed to staging and preserving long durational performance. MAI will provide a much needed home for time-based and immaterial art while pursuing innovative unions between science, technology, spirituality, art, and education.

    The Atlas Review” is a bi-annual print journal comprising poetry, fiction, non-fiction, visual arts and interview. In an effort to be a constant force of collaboration, Atlas extends itself to events that combine text and other media.

    Marathon reading photo © Marina Abramovic Institute & The Atlas Review


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