Lyon’s Les Intergalactiques Festival : 23rd-29th October 2014 (France)

    Seven days of science fiction in Lyon, France !

    Les Intergalactiques (The Intergalactics), the Lyon’s Science Fiction Festival celebrates it’s third edition from Thursday, the 23rd until Wednesday, the 29th of October 2014.

    This year’s Intergalactiques’ theme is Post-Ecology.

    Les Intergalactiques 2014

    Les Intergalactiques Festival is  organised by ESA Production. The program  includes lectures, debates, conferences, panels, exhibitions and screenings, having  ecology as the central theme. And of course, the ceremony of the René Barjavel Award for best short story. Science Fiction in all its forms.

    The well known french SF writers Jean-Pierre Andrevon (author of the Gandahar series), Alain Damasio (La Horde du Contrevent/Counterwind Horde, La Zone du dehors/The Outside Zone) and Laurent Genefort (The Omale series) participated at a panel followed by a book signing at the bookshop L’Esprit Livre.



    Personalities of the French Science Fiction as the writers Alain Damasio, Laurent Genefort, Jean-Pierre Andrevon, Jacques Barbéri, Nicolas Nova, Laurent Whale, Christian Chelebourg, Sylvie Lainé, Christian Gatard, Le Fossoyeur de Films, Estelle Faye, Jean-Marc Ligny, Dominique Douay, Raphaël Colson, Alfred Boudry, Nicolas Cartelet, Sonia Quemener, Li Cam, Pierre Senges,Thomas Coppey, Valérie Simon, Nicolas Le Breton, SoFee L. Grey, Alain Blondelon, Jean-Emmanuel Aubert, Eric Hénninot, Pascal Casolari, Gilles Francescano, Agnès Marot, Pierre Stolze, Jean Rébillat, Nadia Coste, Michel Tognini, Gérard Azoulay, Eric Pessan, Anudar Bruseis, Guillaume Herpe, Sébastien Blavier, Marie Surgers, Mathias Echenay, Emmanuel Gob, Rudy Boissy, Adrien Party, Emmanuel Blavier, Benjamin Mayet, Mathieur Rivero, Amaury Perrin participated to the Intergalactiques Festival.


    In the European’s mentality, science fiction means firstly SF books, and many publishers presented their collections at the MJC Montplaisir. In particular the Volte publishing press (editor Alain Damasio) which this year celebrates 10 years of original publications often combining music and literature.



    Retrospective Cinéma Science-fiction 2014




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