London’s Science Museum is offering a Free SF e-book, „Shackleton’s Man Goes South” by Tony White

    Tony White_Shackleton

    Visitors to the London’s Science Museum’s website are offered to download a free copy of this SF e-book as part of this innovative arts project and digital publishing initiative.

    Tony White’s story is inspired by the discovery of a science fiction story written by George Clarke Simpson, and first published in the South Polar Times, the homemade “newspaper” produced by the crew of Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated 1911 Antarctic expedition. Simpson went on to become the director of the Met Office, and was interested in climate change throughout his life.

    “With Shackleton’s Man Goes South, Tony White has written a bold novel-cum-manifesto, a prophecy, satire, and warning, and a gripping polar allegory for the era of global warming and human trafficking. In the steps of Swift, Blake and Aldous Huxley, he brings a puzzlemaster’s ingenuity, a political observer’s despair, a voracious appetite for geo-political knowledge and a storyteller’s sense to create a stark vision of a future that may be coming sooner than anyone can bear to think.” Marina Warner

    Here is your free ebook of the novel “Shackleton’s Man Goes South by Tony White. It is supplied free in the two most popular ebook formats – EPUB and .mobi – and it is designed to be compatible with most ebook readers. A PDF version is also available for on-screen reading using your PC or laptop:


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