Locus Online: “SF in Italy: Lucca Comics &Games 2019: The Flying Saucer Has Finally Landed? by Fulvio Gatti”

An interesting article on Locus Online on the Italian Speculative Fiction by Fulvio Gatti :

“SF in Italy: Lucca Comics & Games 2019: The Flying Saucer Has Finally Landed?” by Fulvio Gatti

Lucca is no ordinary place for the speculative Italian community, since it was the original Urania curators – Carlo Fruttero e Franco Lucentini – who in the ’60s said that “Un disco volante non può atterrare a Lucca” (“a flying saucer will never land in Lucca.”)

They wanted to underline the anglo-saxon origin of the classic SF masters they had brought to our market, but during the years the sentence has become a curse: Italy will never have its own speculative writing scene.

This is why the main SF panel, held in the stun­ning Teatro del Giglio, was called “Quando un disco volante atterrò a Lucca!“”(“Now the fly­ing saucer lands in Lucca.”), hosted by writer Licia Troisi.”

© Fulvio Gatti & Locus

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