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”Les Intergalactiques”, Lyon’s Science Fiction Festival, 25th – 31st of October (France)



After its premiere in April 2012, the Intergalactics (Les Intergalactiques) Lyon’s Festival of Science Fiction returns from 25th to 31st of October 2013 providing conferences, panels, lectures, retrospective films, the salon of the imaginary literature along with many partners and guests.

Literatures’ Salon and Cinema of the Imaginary, movies and shorts competition, the Xenomorph celebration !

The theme in 2013 : Cyberpunk ! Organized by the very active cultural association AoA established in 2005.
Norman SPINRAD Gérard KLEIN Jean-Pierre ANDREVON Jean-Marc LIGNY Claude ECKEN Sylvie LAINE

Guest of Honor: Norman Spinrad
Guests : Gerard Klein, Jean-Pierre Andrevon, Jean-Marc Ligny, Dominique Douay, Claude Ecken, Sylvie Lainé, Estelle Faye, Melanie Fazi, Ophélie Bruneau, Valerie Pierre, Simon Stolze , Raphal Colson, Sylvain Blanchot, Olivier Deparis, Lionel Davoust, Philippe Deschemin, Alain Blondelon, Sire Cédric, Christophe Ramain, Mathias Rouage, Olivier Gay, Li Cam, Patrick Raveau, Anthony Brocard, Christian Chavassieux, Christophe Thill, Patrick Eris, Karim Berrouka.

Researchers :
Christian Gatard, Yann Minh, Adrien Party, Julien Olivier, Pirout Nerot, Anudar Bruseis, Gariel Theodore, Guillaume Herpe.

Illustrators and photographers:
Gilles Francescano, Romain Lardanchet, Pascal Casolari, Scarfos, Florian BonDagga.

Cinema and Audiovisual:
Guillaume Laurent, Lubrano Courau, Patrice Germain, Serial Busters.

Musicians and performers:
Chloe Relano, Ghislain Morel, Ubukata, DJ Nori, DJ Baskerville, Insext Mututay



Pics, bannners and poster © Association AoA  

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