Kurd Laßwitz Preis – German SF Award – Winners 2019

    The Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis is an annual German science-fiction award. (“Preis” is the German word for “award”.) It is named after the author Kurd Laßwitz, who is also known as “the father of German science-fiction”. The award has a tradition back until 1980. In two ballots persons who are specialists on science-fiction like authors, editors, publishers and journalists vote for the best works that have been published in the previous year. Nominations are for works in German language only or for translations into German.

    The awarding ceremony will be at the Penta-Con in Dresden. (1st until 3rd of November 2019)

    Here are the winners:
    Best German Science-Fiction Novel (published for the first time in 2018):
    Andreas Eschbach: “NSA – Nationales Sicherheits-Amt” (Lübbe)

    Best German Short Prosa:
    Thorsten Küper: “Confinement” (in: “Nova” 26 (p.machinery))

    Best Foreign Science-Fiction Book (translated into German):
    Jasper Fforde: “Eiswelt” (Heyne) ( = “Early Riser”)

    Best Translation:
    Jakob Schmidt for the translation of Kim Stanley Robinson´s “New York 2140” (Heyne)

    Best Cover Art or Illustration:
    Michael Marrak for the cover art for Michael Marrak´s “Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Zeit” (Amrûn)

    Best Radioplay:
    Not decided yet, as there is a runoff-election. (Status: 12 .6. 2019)

    Special Award for Extraordinary Achievements:

    Ronald M. Hahn, Michael K. Iwoleit and Helmuth W. Mommers for founding and editing the magazin “Nova”, and Olaf G. Hilscher, Frank Hebben and Michael Haitel for maintaining and co-editing.


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