Kurd-Laßwitz-Award: Winners 2013

    The Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis is an annual German science-fiction award. It is named after the author Kurd Laßwitz, who is also known as “the father of German science-fiction”. The award has a tradition back until 1980. In two ballots persons who are specialists on science-fiction like authors, editors, publishers and journalists vote for the best works that have been published in the previous year. Nominations are for works in German language only (the nationality of authors and other nominees is irrelevant) or for translations into German.



    Now here are the winners – note that the last word mentioned is the name of the publishing house:

    Best novel:

    Dietmar Dath, Pulsarnacht (Pulsarnight) / Heyne

    Best short prosaic work:

    Klaus N. Frick, Im Käfig (In The Cage) in: Moreau / Wipperfürth / Kemmler (Hrsg.): Exodus 29 / Eigenverlag (=self publishing)

    Best foreign work (translated into German in 2012):

    Ted Chiang, Die Hölle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes (Hell is the Absence of God), Golkonda

    Best Translation:

    Birgit Herden & Dorothea Kallfass & Hannes Riffel for translating: Paolo Bacigalupi, Der Spieler (The Player), Golkonda

    Best cover picture /illustration:

    Thomas Franke für the cover, backcover and galerie-art in Moreau / Wipperfürth / Kemmler (Hrsg.): Exodus 29, Eigenverlag

    Best Radioplay:

    Unerwartete Ereignisse (Unexpected Events) made by Heinz von Cramer (Regie: Burkhard Schmid), HR

    Bargain Price for an Acievement on SF in 2012:

    Ralf Boldt and Wolfgang Jeschke for being anthologist of: Die Stille nach dem Ton (Silence After The Sound)

    Bargain Price for an Acievment on SF over years:

    Ernst Wurdack for supporting German science-fiction and new talents as a publisher by publishing anthologies and story collections.

    More info can be found here:



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