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Kurd-Laßwitz-Award: The nominees 2013


The Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis is an annual German science-fiction award. It is named after the author Kurd Laßwitz, who is also known as “the father of German science-fiction”. The award has a tradition back until 1980. In two ballots persons who are specialists on science-fiction like authors, editors, publishers and journalists vote for the best works that have been published in the previous year. Nominations are for works in German language only (the nationality of authors and other nominees is irrelevant) or for translations into German.



But now the nominees for 2013:

(Note: The words in capital letters are the names of the publishing houses. Please note that the English titels were just translated quickly for Europa SF – I am not a professional translator.)


Best novel:

Pia Biundo, Alle Zeit der Welt (All Time In The World)
Saphir im Stahl
Andreas Brandhorst, Das Artefakt (The Artefact)
Heyne (52865)
Dietmar Dath, Pulsarnacht (Pulsarnight)
Heyne (31406)
Richard Dübell, Toufec (Toufec)
(Perry Rhodan, Band 2659) VPM
Frank W. Haubold, Die Gänse des Kapitols (The Goose of The Capitol) (Götterdämmerung, Band 1) Atlantis
Oliver Henkel, Die Fahrt des Leviathan (The Crossing of the Leviathan)
Michael Marrak, Das Königreich der Tränen (The Kingdom of Tears) in: Post (Hrsg.): 2012 – T minus Null, Begedia
André Pilz, Die Lieder, das Töten (The Songs, The Killing)
Chris Schlicht, Maschinengeist (Machine Spirit)
Feder & Schwert
Best short prosaic work:Matthias Falke, Der Bruch der nordwestlichen Stelze (The Breaking of The Northwestern Stilt) in: Hebben / Hilscher / Iwoleit (Hrsg.): Nova 19, Eigenverlag
Klaus N. Frick, Im Käfig (Inside The Cage)
in: Moreau / Wipperfürth / Kemmler (Hrsg.): Exodus 29
Marcus Hammerschmitt, Der Ethiker (The Ethicist)
in: Hammerschmitt: Nachtflug, Shayol (SF 1024)
Michael K. Iwoleit, Zur Feier meines Todes (For The Celebration of My Death)
in: Iwoleit: Die letzten Tage der Ewigkeit, Wurdack
Heidrun Jänchen, Stadt in der Steppe (City in The Steppe)
in: Jänchen: Willkommen auf Aurora, Wurdack
Karsten Kruschel, Teufels Obliegenheiten oder: Der gewaltsame Frieden (The Devil´s Obligation or: The Forced Peace)
in: Hilscher / Iwoleit (Hrsg.): Nova 20, Eigenverlag
Thorsten Küper, Rekonstruktor (Reconstructor)
in: Hilscher / Iwoleit (Hrsg.): Nova 20, Eigenverlag
Michael Marrak, Der Kanon mechanischer Seelen (The Canon of The Mechanic Souls)
in: Hilscher / Iwoleit (Hrsg.): Nova 20, Eigenverlag
Dirk Röse, Mondpräsidentin (President of The Moon)
Best foreign work (translated into German in 2012):Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason, Trinity (The Trinity-Paradox), Atlantis
Paolo Bacigalupi, Schiffsdiebe
(Ship Breaker), Heyne (146/01)
David Brin, Existenz
(Existence), Heyne (52993)
Ted Chiang, Die Hölle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes (Hell is The Absence of God) (Original compilation)
Peter Dehmel (Hrsg.): Die Erde und die Außerirdischen (Earth and The Aliens) (Original compilation)
Ian McDonald, Cyberabad
(River of Gods), Heyne (52973)
China Miéville, Stadt der Fremden
(Embassytown), Bastei Lübbe (20679)
John Scalzi, Redshirts
(Redshirts), Heyne (52995)
Best Translation:Frank Böhmert & Michael Preissl & Christiane Schott-Hagedorn & Sebastian Wohlfeil for the translation of James Tiptree jr.,
Zu einem Preis (original comiplation: At A Price), Septime
Andreas Brandhorst for the translation of
David Brin, Existenz (Existence), Heyne (52993)
Birgit Herden & Dorothea Kallfass & Hannes Riffel for the translation of Paolo Bacigalupi, Der Spieler (Originalzusammenstellung), Golkonda
Arno Hoven for the translation of
China Miéville, Stadt der Fremden (Embassytown)
Bastei Lübbe (20679)
Christian Humberg for the translation of
S.D. Perry, Einheit (Unity) (Star Trek – Deep Space Nine)
Cross Cult

Heyne (31444)


Best cover picture /illustration:Lothar Bauer for the cover for:
Boldt / Jeschke (Hrsg.), Die Stille nach dem Ton (Silence After The Sound)
S. Beneš for the cover for:
Paolo Bacigalupi, Der Spieler, Golkonda
Arndt Drechsler for the cover for:
Andreas Suchanek, Das dunkle Fragment (The Dark Fragment)
(Heliosphere 2265, Band 1), SELF PUBLISHER
Thomas Franke für das Titelbild, Backcover und Galerie in Moreau / Wipperfürth / Kemmler (Hrsg.): Exodus 29 (Exodus 29), SELF PUBLISHER
Martin Frei for the series of covers for:
Star Trek TNG: Doppelhelix 1-6, Cross Cult
Timo Kümmel for the cover for:
Hilscher / Iwoleit (Hrsg.): Nova 20 (Nova 20), Eigenverlag
Timo Kümmel für das Titelbild zu
Oliver Henkel, Die Fahrt des Leviathan, Atlantis
Max Meinzold für die Titelbilder zu
Jay Lake, Die Räder der Welt + Die Räder des Lebens (The Wheels of Life) (Mainspring 1+2), Bastei Lübbe (20656+20664)
Alexander Preuss für das Titelbild zu
Matthias Falke, Ruinenwelt (World of Ruins), Begedia
Dirk Schulz für das Titelbild zu
Frank Borsch, Welt der Ewigkeit (World of Eternity)(PR Neo, Band 24), VPM
Best Radioplay:Unerwartete Ereignisse (Unexpected Events) von Heinz von Cramer (director: Burkhard Schmid), HR (20.5.2012)Puppenstadt (City of Dolls) von Bodo Traber & Tilman Zens(director: Petra Feldhoff; composition: Raoul Haarmann)




Bargain Price for an Acievement on SF in 2012:Ralf Boldt und Wolfgang Jeschke
for being anthologists of Die Stille nach dem Ton (Silence After The Sound)
Frank G. Gerigk & Petra Hartmann
for being anthologists of Drachen! Drachen! (Dragons! Dragons!) Jürgen Schütz for publishing the complete works of James Tiptree Jr.


Bargain Price for an Acievment on SF over years:Jürgen Doppler
for his columna of the online issue of der Standard
Der Freundeskreis Science Fiction Leipzig e.V. (Dirk Berger, Thomas Braatz, Mario Franke, Manfred Orlowski, Sabine Seyfarth) for 20 years of organization of the ElesterCon on a high level and for the best con-book
Michael Haitel
for his efforts in the German fandom as anthologist and Publisher of the Andromeda Nachrichten and other works and as blogger, discussion-board junkie and for his work in the SFCD (=Science Fiction Club Germany)
René Moreau & Heinz Wipperfürth & Olaf Kemmler
for publishing of Exodus, a magazine for SF-short stories
Roger Murmann & Christian de Ahna & Birgit Fischer & Kurt Zelt
for the organization of the BuchmesseConvent
Markus Rohde
for his struggle to keep the passion for Star Trek alive in Germany, for being edito in chief of the magazines Geek and Space View editor for Star Trek in the publishing house Cross Cult and for sf-radio.de
Robert Vogel
for his constant efforts in the German Fandom, e.g. by making speeches
Ernst Wurdack
for supporting German science-fiction and new talents as a publisher by publishing anthologies and story collections
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Nina Horvath has studied at the University of Vienna. Her mother tongue is German. She is a keen author of short stories and published over two dozens in zines and anthologies. Her favourite genre is science-fiction. She had also been editor of the short story collections "Die Schattenuhr", "Metamorphosen - Auf den Spuren H.P. Lovecrafts" and "Darwins Schildkröte". In 2012 she won the awards "Vincent Preis" for the best horror anthology and the "Deutscher Phantastik Preis" for the best fantastic short story. (This one was also 3rd at the "DSFP" for the best science-fiction story.)


  1. Well, some Germans have been talking for decades that German SF is going to die – but I do not think so. There are a lot of projects, even such like this award in a regular base.


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