Krakon 2013 – The Alternative Cultures’ Festival

July, 25-28th, 2013


It’s the third edition of a renewed fantastic convention held in Cracow (Kraków), Poland. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime and manga took a central space last year. This year it’ll be steampunk and post-apocalypse. And … lots of fun of course. Organisers of the festival also  announced a writing contest.


Mariusz M. Leś

University of Bialystok, Poland, PhD. Interested in utopia, theory of science fiction and narratology. Author of two books: "Stanisław Lem wobec utopii", 1998 [Stanisław Lem and Utopia] and "Fantastyka socjologiczna. Poetyka i myślenie utopijne" [Polish Social Science Fiction. Poetics and Utopian Thinking]. Member of the jury of Jerzy Żuławski Award for the best Polish fantastic novel. Member of Science Fiction Poetry Association (juror for the Rhysling Award), European Narratology Network and Adam Mickiewicz Literary Association.

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