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    Wizard’s Tower Press is pleased to announce the publication of an ebook edition of ”Kontakt: An Anthology of Croatian SF”, edited by Tatjana Jambrišak and Darko Macan.
    This Croatian anthology, originally published in paperback for the 2012 the European Science Fiction Convention (Eurocon) in Zagreb where it was given away free to members, was an immediate hit with readers of the genre.

    We wanted to present the best Croatian genre stories to the English-speaking audiences, the intention was to showcase Croatian science fiction and fantasy fiction to the wider world.” said Darko Macan. All the stories are translated into English, and many of the authors have won Croatian national genre literary awards.

    Of the twelve stories in the book, two have already achieved recognition outside of Croatia. “The Corridor” by Darko Macan won the Lapis Histriae, an international short story competition open to writers from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. “Every Time We Say Goodbye” by Zoran Vlahović received an honorable mention in the 2013 Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards. Until now, the anthology has never been generally available for sale.

    Cheryl Morgan

    I had little idea of what to expect when I visited Croatia for the Eurocon, and was blown away by the friendliness, enthusiasm and organizational skills of the people that I met. I liked the country so much that I went back again last year. I am delighted to be able to bring some of the finest science fiction and fantasy by Croatian writers to a wider audience.” said Cheryl Morgan, owner of Wizard’s Tower Press.

    Kontakt: An Anthology of Croatian SF” will be available for the Kindle, and in the standard epub format for other reading devices and computers. It will be available worldwide. Copies are available now from the Wizard’s Tower bookstore (, and will appear in other popular stores in due course.
    To request a review copy, please write to:

    Wizard’s Tower Press is owned and managed by Cheryl Morgan and based in the UK. Cheryl has won four Hugo awards for her online writing and editing. Cheryl is a director of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions Inc, and of the Association for the Recognition of Excellence in SF & F Translation. She is also a trustee of the BristolCon Foundation.

    For further information please email or visit the websites at  and

    The original paperback edition of Kontakt was produced in conjunction with the 2012 the European Science Fiction Convention (Eurocon) in Zagreb, and given away free to members. It has never been generally available for sale. All of the stories in it are translated into English, with the intention of showcasing Croatian science fiction and fantasy fiction to the wider world.

    Kontakt: An Anthology of Croatian SF


    Introduction by Darko Macan
    Bloodhound” by Milena Benini
    Hi-Tech Sex Lib” by Dalibor Perković
    Give Me the Shuttle Key ! ” by Tatjana Jambrišak
    The Corridor” by Darko Macan
    The Dead” by Aleksandar Žiljak
    River Fairy” by Ivana Delač
    De Cadenza” by Danijel Bogdanović
    Every Time We Say Goodbye” by Zoran Vlahović
    Avaleon and the Black Feather” by Katarina Brbora
    Time Enough, and Space” by Goran Konvični
    Fingers” by Danilo Brozović
    The Executor” by Zoran Krušvar

    Pics © Cheryl Morgan,Wizard’s Tower’s Press, Kontakt.


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