Koĩos: New Austrian publishing house on speculative fiction


    Koĩos – this is the name of a titan in the Greek mythology, a son of Gaia (earth) and Uranus (heaven) – and of a new Austrian publishing house on speculative fiction. The enterprise may not be a giant so far, but founded in October 2012 by Dr. Michael Ritter with already a bunch of fantasy books in its program, actually on its best way! Unlike others, Koĩos will focus on books in original language (German) only instead of translations.

    This month (May 2013) the first science-fiction novel, Hard Boiled written by Marco Rauch had been published. There are not many science-fiction novels of Austrian authors published these days, and if, usually by German publishers, as there are more possibilities and the two nations share the same mother tongue anyway. I haven´t read Hard Boiled so far, though I ordered it, but I am very curious about the work of this young author and the local setting of a post-apocalyptic Vienna.


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