Italian Writer Francesco Dimitri’s “The Book of Hidden Things”

    From one of the most significant figures of the last generation of Italian fantasy comes Francesco Dimitri’s debut novel in English, an enthralling and seductive fantasy following four old friends and the secrets they keep. An evocative meditation on friendship, adulthood, and the liminal spaces that lie just outside human perception…Dimitri’s beautifully written tale, steeped in nostalgia, folklore, and religion, will enthrall and terrify readers.”

    Francesco Dimitri (born : 23rd of May 1981, Manduria, Italy) is a well-regarded fantasy Italian author.

    He’s published several novels and graphic novels, and his work has been adapted for film (“La ragazza dei miei sogni”/The girl of my dreams, 2017) by the Italian film director Saverio Di Biagio.

    “The Book of Hidden Things” is his first novel written in English, and it is ambitious in several directions.

    Francesco Dimitri lives in London, where he arrived, via Rome, from the depths of Southern Italy. His work has variously been defined as magic realism or fantasy.

    He published eight books in Italian before switching to English. His first Italian novel was made into a film, and his last was defined by Il Corriere della Sera as the sort of book from which a genre ‘starts again’.

    He also writes nonfiction, looking at the interplay of reality and imagination, rationality and sense of wonder. He is passionate about reading aloud, and campaigns to bring back this pleasure to the grown-ups world.

    Francesco Dimitri is an Italian magic realist author living in London, a business story-teller, and a lifetime searcher for wonder. He has written in many different forms (nonfiction, fiction, comics, cinema, digital media, essays, magazines) and worked for top business clients. In his quest for wonder he has shot documentaries about UFO cults, slept deep into the forests of Transylvania, conversed with mathematicians, artists, chefs, psychologists, stage magicians, and strangers in crowds.

    His latest novel – his first in English – is “The Book of Hidden Things”.


    “La ragazza dei miei sogni”, 2007
    “Pan”, 2008
    “Toilet anno uno”, 2008
    “Alice nel paese della vaporità”, 2010
    “L’età sottile”, 2013
    “To Read Aloud”, 2017
    “The Book of Hidden Things”, 2018
    “That Sense of Wonder: How to Capture the Miracles of Everyday Life”, 2018

    “Guida alle case più stregate del mondo. Tutti i luoghi in cui (non) vorreste passare la note”,
    “Manuale del cattivo. Cattivi si nasce, bastardi si diventa”
    “Cutting Edge” (Vol. 1; Vol.2)


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