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Interkozmosz – Film about a sci-fi geek


Interkozmosz-mediaFilm about a sci-fi geek? Yes, at last!

The 20-minute short entitled “Interkozmosz” will be shot in Hungary in November, its screenwriter,
director and composer is Bela Banhegyi, and Andras Szoke (the most popular figure of Hungarian
underground film-making) plays the main role.

In the story, Bandi (Andras Szoke) is a 51-year old fanatic sci-fi fan that grinds his days lonely in a
small Hungarian village by subsisting on the repair of electronic devices as a self-employed. Since his
childhood he has collected everything that is related to space research, astronomy and science
fiction but his devotion started growing exceptionally when the country’s exclusive space
telecommunications ground station was built near the village when he was 15. He is obsessed that
the station receives and broadcasts extra-terrestrial transmissions therefore his greatest dream is to
enter the facility once. In spite of the unsuccessful 35 years that have passed, innumerable petitions
and experiments his devotion has remained unbroken. Owing to the film we can track one of Bandi’s
Sundays by getting acquainted with his individual views and closed world: his unusual routines, awe-
inspiring collection of relics, his radio broadcasting station furnished at the parish and his secret
room guarded by 7 locks.

As regards to distribution, the makers of the film would like to present the completed work at
international cultural and film festivals, television channels and the most popular video sharing

Under the auspices of the Indiegogo campaign the Interkozmosz logo and wallpaper can be
downloaded free of charge and the makers remunerate for the supports of 10, 25, 50 and 100 dollars
in various forms (downloadable soundtrack, poster, showing the name of the supporter in the end
credits, …).

The domain interkozmosz.com has been reserved already where for example Bandi’s full list of relics
will be available.

What can be known about the tunes of the film is that they show the marks of ambient and
space/synth music, are shaped on analogue synthesizers and are performed by Bela Banhegyi and
The Outsiders.  The overture of Interkozmosz (Ghostwalk) had its premier in Terry Hawke’s radio
programme, the Chill Out Sessions not long ago.

Despite the low budget, the makers committed themselves to quality the proof of which is the
creative work produced by Zoltan Feher with the contribution of Banhegyi: its style and atmosphere
represent the good old days where traditional, hand-painted posters were produced for the films.
Owing to the fact that no film has been made on sci-fi fans yet, the makers expect strong interest in
connection with the international preliminary promotion.

The trailer will come out in December and the premier will take place in February.

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