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Interdisciplinary Conference on Fantastic Literature, Poland, Katowice


Creation of Fantastic Worlds. Reception – Methodology – Interpretation

Organizer: Faculty of Philology, University of Silesia, Institute of Polish Literature Department of Modern Literature

Deadline: 2013-06-30

Conference date: 2013-10-23 to 2013-10-25

Location: Katowice, Poland

Email: fantastycznekreacje@gmail.com

“From mid-70s we see a steady increase of interest in fantastic fiction. Its extraordinary popularity is visible both on the market and media, as well as academic discourse. […] During our conference, we want to look not only at the fantastic literature and the phenomenon, but also the fantasy in wider sense. Both in the occasion of mapping the literature in this field, and in determining the rules of the creation of the world presented. Fantastic worlds may be, as well, fabulous, mythical or legendary. […]

We will also reflect on the creation of multi-dimensionality of fantastic worlds, seeking their literary reflections of. We will look at the reception of fantastic fiction at the turn of the twenty-first century,  and we will  discuss  methodological problems of the wider interpretation of selected works. Invitation to participate in our conference is directed not only to literary scholars but also to the representatives of other disciplines who are interested in the issues proposed by our research.”

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University of Bialystok, Poland, PhD. Interested in utopia, theory of science fiction and narratology. Author of two books: "Stanisław Lem wobec utopii", 1998 [Stanisław Lem and Utopia] and "Fantastyka socjologiczna. Poetyka i myślenie utopijne" [Polish Social Science Fiction. Poetics and Utopian Thinking]. Member of the jury of Jerzy Żuławski Award for the best Polish fantastic novel. Member of Science Fiction Poetry Association (juror for the Rhysling Award), European Narratology Network and Adam Mickiewicz Literary Association.


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