Icelandic Writer Sjón’s “CoDex 1962”

    Over the course of four dazzling novels translated into dozens of languages, Sjón has earned a global reputation as one of the world’s most interesting writers.”

    “In “CoDex 1962, Sjón has woven ancient and modern material and folklore and cosmic myths into a singular masterpiece—encompassing genre fiction, theology, expressionist film, comic strips, fortean studies, genetics, and, of course, the rich tradition of Icelandic storytelling.”

    CoDex 1962” by Sjón  – a wild odyssey from the Icelandic trickster!

    A chaotic extravaganza in which Bosch meets Chagall, with touches of Tarantino.”
    This extraordinary performance, consisting of three books in one – the first originally published in Iceland in 1994, the second in 2001, and the third in 2016 – sets out to entertain, but also to prod the reader towards a stark realisation of human mortality and the games fate plays. Sjón makes the point that in Iceland people prefer fantasy over facts as the best way to confront reality.”
    Sjón is more than a novelist; he is a storyteller in the ancient tradition, and this work may be remembered as his masterpiece.”
    Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson (born 27 August 1962), known as Sjón (/ˈsjoʊn/ SYOHN), is an Icelandic poet, novelist, and lyricist.

    His pen name (meaning “sight”) is an abbreviation of his given name (Sigurjón).

    Sjón frequently collaborates with the singer Björk and has performed with The Sugarcubes as Johnny Triumph.

    His works have been translated into 30 languages.


    “Night of Steel” (“Stálnótt“, Mál og menning, 1987)

    “Angel, Stovehat and Strawberries” (“Engill, pípuhattur og jarðarber”, Mál og menning, 1989)

    “Night of the Lemon” (Greyhound Press, 1993)

    “Made in Secret” /”Your Eyes Saw Me” (“Augu þín sáu mig“, Mál og menning, 1994)

    “The Story of the Great Cap” (“Sagan af húfunni fínu“, Mál og menning, 1995)

    “Númi and his Seven Heads” (“Númi og höfuðin sjö“, Mál og menning, 2000)

    “With a Quivering Tear” (“Með titrandi tár“, Mál og menning, 2001)

    “The Story of the Strange Bird” (“Sagan af furðufugli“, Mál og menning, 2002)

    “The Blue Fox” (“Skugga-Baldur“, Bjartur, 2003)

    “The Whispering Muse”/”The Splinter from Argo” (“Argóarflísin”, Bjartur, 2005)

    “From the Mouth of the Whale”/”The Marvels of Twilight” (“Rökkurbýsnir“, Bjartur, 2008)

    “Moonstone – The Boy Who Never Was” (“Mánasteinn – drengurinn sem aldrei var til“, JPV/Forlagið, 2013)

    “CoDex 1962” (JPV/Forlagið, 2016)

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