Iain Banks diagnosed with bladder cancer

    Europa SF is shocked to learn of the sad news concerning the great British writer Iain M. Banks. A website has been set up for friends and fans to leave messages for Mr. Banks.

    Author Iain Banks has announced on his website that he has just months to live after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. The 59-year-old announced the book he is currently working on, entitled The Quarry, is likely to be his last after cancer spread to his liver, pancreas and lymph nodes.

    Iain 3Banks is an award-winning writer and was named by The Times newspaper as one of the 50 greatest living authors in 2008.

    Banks, who was born in Fife and studied at Stirling University, published his first novel The Wasp Factory in 1984.

    His first science fiction novel, Consider Phlebas, was published in 1987 under the name Iain M. Banks.

    He has continued to write mainstream fiction as Iain Banks, with novel The Crow Road adapted for TV in 1996, followed by Complicity in 2000.

    Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond said: ‘This is terribly sad news. Iain Banks is a remarkable writer who has made a lasting contribution to Scottish literature and culture, inspiring and enthralling readers for 30 years.


    2012 Stonemouth

    2010 Surface Detail

    2009 Transition

    2008 Matter

    2007 The Steep Approach to Garbadale

    2004 The Algebraist

    2003 Raw Spirit: In Search of the Perfect Dram

    2002 Dead Air

    2000 Look to Windward

    1999 The Business

    1998 Inversions

    1997 A Song of Stone

    1996 Excession

    1995 Whit, Little

    1994 Feersum Endjinn

    1993 Complicity

    1993 Against a Dark Background

    1992 The Crow Road

    1990 The Use of Weapons

    1989 The State of the Art

    1989 Canal Dreams

    1988 The Player of Games

    1987 Espedair Street

    1987 Consider Phlebas

    1986 The Bridge

    1985 Walking on Glass

    1984 The Wasp Factory



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