Haralambi Markov & Tamara Vardomskaya : 2014 Clarion Writers’ Workshop Graduates

    Haralambi Markov

    Haralambi Markov is a Bulgarian writer critic, editor of weird and fantastika.

    A Clarion Writers Workshop 2014 graduate, Markov enjoys fairy tales, obscure folkloric monsters, and inventing death rituals (for his stories, not his neighbors… usually). He tweets at @HaralambiMarkov and blogs at The Alternative Typewriter.

    Haralambi Markov is a published author with stories in Tales of the Fox & Fae, Electric Velocipede, Geek Love, Arcane Volume II, Fire, Tides of Possibility and stories forthcoming in, Genius Loci and The Near Now. Currently, Markov contributes book reviews to the SF Signal and manages a blog – The Alternative Typewriter.

    Harlambi Markov_The Language of Knives

    „Haralambi Markov aka Harry Markov is: a writer, an editor, a freelancer, a reviewer, a geek, a book hoarder, a list maker, an art fanatic, a TV junkie, a pop culture aficionado. I write speculative fiction – fantastical stories that decompose reality, sensual stories with a dark touch, superhero fiction, though mainly it’s weird things happening to weird people – and live with the weird in the coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria. I’m bilingual, a hoarder and have cultural ADHD. I have tweets in my head and facebook likes in my blood. Work-wise, I’ve been employed at various positions. In my late teenhood, I have worked as a hotel desk receptionist and a call center operator, before moving on to my current position as a content writer/SEO specialist/social media specialist for a local company. In the land of publishing I’ve sold fiction, read slush, edited anthologies, served as submissions editor for the horror podcast Tales to Terrify and worked as an assistant to Jason Sizemore for Zombie Feed. E-mail  : haralambimarkov [at] gmail [dot] com ”

    The Alternative Typewriter :

    Tamara Vardomskaya

    Tamara Vardomskaya is a russian born Canadian writer and a graduate of the 2014 Clarion Writers’ Workshop Graduate.

    Raised in Ottawa, Tamara Vardomskaya is currently working on a Ph.D in theoretical linguistics at the University of Chicago. In the past she has sold chocolate, stage managed for a community theatre group, sung classical art song, edited, translated, and worked in financial risk management for nuclear electricity trading. A lifelong reader of genre fiction, she signed up for SFContario as her first con in 2010 (she volunteered so people would think she was useful). The great experience made her come back ever since.

     Tamara Vardomskaya_Acrobatic Duality

    Stories by Tamara Vardomskaya:

    “The Metamorphoses of Narcissus” — Issue #164, January 8, 2015

    Podcasts by Tamara Vardomskaya:

    “BCS 143: The Metamorphoses of Narcissus” — Issue #166, February 5, 2015


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