Happy birthday, Europa SF!

    It is October the 8th: I just recover from my own birthday a few days ago, but there is another celebration coming across: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EUROPA SF!

    So, it is time for you to blow out the candle on the birthday cake – they very first one. Nevertheless Europa SF is something that could be called a very busy baby: Since it had been founded, there were 340 articles and 1406 comments posted!

    Europa SF was founded to provide a platform for European science-fiction. Not so much for the big mainstream stuff, although there is of course also enough space for that, but especially for smaller and only national projects on science-fiction. For most of them, a report in English language is unique content and you will find this info nowhere else!



    I was not a founding member of Europa SF, but when I read about it on a discussion board – I have just made new experience with my first Eurocon (it was in Zagreb) this year and immediately loved this idea. Also as I knew that I won´t have to compete with English native speakers (I am Austrian), but just provide info probably no one else could do.

    So I applied and already put my fist report online there in October 2012. Ever since, well, I am not some sort of maniac who dedicated her whole life to the project. But I have done so every once in a while and due to that I have been encouraged a lot in participating international fandom more. I feel the power to go abroad, even if I do not understand the national language to meet fans and I got in touch with a lot of interesting people.


    Nina Horvath Eurocon 2013


    The highlight was in April this year at the Eurocon: Europa SF had been elected as the best European website on science fiction! Even better: I have been chosen out to take the really nice trophy (a metal plate on wood) and the certificate on behalf of the whole, very international team on the Eurocon 2013 in the Ukraine! You can image what big honour it had been for me!

    So let’s celebrate Europa SF, science-fiction, fan friendships beyond national boarders and the future. Happy first birthday, Europa SF!


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