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GUFF decided! The winner is Jukka Halme from Finland!


This year´s GUFF-race had been decided!
GUFF is the Get Up and Over (or Going Under) Fan Fund which transports SF fans from Australasia to Europe (and vice versa). The fans decide whom they want send as an embassador of a certain fandom to another continent.

This time, the race was about an European fan going to Australia. The winner is Jukka Halme from Finland! Congratulations, Jukka!

We have the permission to publish Mihaela Perković´s interview with Jukka on this matter!

Jukka Halme

What do you love about fandom?
The camaraderie. The friendships I’ve made and continue making. It’s my family and home. It’s the give and take of it all that inspire me to continue being a part of it. I have on occasion thought about how my life would’ve been with fandom. I’ve always needed a stiff drink to perish those thoughts away.

What is your current involvement in fandom?
I’m currently active with the Worldcon 75 and a small literary/semi-relaxacon Åcon 8 as a co-chair. I write occasional articles and reviews for Helsinki SF Association’s semiprozine Tähtivaeltaja and I have a regular column about new books there as well. I’m trying to be as active as I can, while trying to push more new people to various positions. I’m involved with couple of shady inside jokes groups, but less said, the better, I reckon…
I see myself as someone who should begin to understand that Finnish fandom needs to regenerate and us Oldies should step back, and offer assistance when asked or needed. Fandom is my way of life and I cannot see myself getting away from it all. I expect to live and breathe this for many a years to come.

How do you plan to balance chairing a Worldcon with a GUFF trip?
I have mad juggling skillz. No. Wait. I don’t…
Surely a worldcon can survive few weeks without one of its co-chairs? Also, there are interwebs in Australasia, right?
But seriously, it’s going to be a mighty task, but I see it also as a really great opportunity to market Worldcon 75 over there. And tell in person what we’re planning and why you should consider traveling to the other side of the world in August 2017. I also have full confidence with my co-chairs, not to mention my division heads, that they can hold the fort while the Big Cahoona burger is away frolicking.

Do you have any expectations from Australian conventions and fans?
All the Australian fen I’ve met so far have been super friendly and nice! I hope to meet a lot of people, preferably understand what they are speaking and raise a few pints with them. I also drink non-alcoholic beverages!
As to cons and other meetings, bring them on! I hope to learn a lot about the culture and mooch adopt everything that’s not bolted to the floor.

Have you been to the Australian Worldcon? If yes, how was it? If no, why not?
No. Not been to that part of the world at all, sad to say. Been wanting to do that for the longest time. I guess the biggest reason why not, is simply lack of time and money.

What can Aussie fans expect from a Finnish GUFF delegate?
Respectful silence and a lot of nodding. Respectfully.
A somewhat different perspective on fandom and SF/F in general. Polite conversation and dry humour. Bad humour, as most people that really know me can attest. Occasional humming. I’ve actually started doing that, must be a mental issue.

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Nina Horvath has studied at the University of Vienna. Her mother tongue is German. She is a keen author of short stories and published over two dozens in zines and anthologies. Her favourite genre is science-fiction. She had also been editor of the short story collections "Die Schattenuhr", "Metamorphosen - Auf den Spuren H.P. Lovecrafts" and "Darwins Schildkröte". In 2012 she won the awards "Vincent Preis" for the best horror anthology and the "Deutscher Phantastik Preis" for the best fantastic short story. (This one was also 3rd at the "DSFP" for the best science-fiction story.)


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