German Film Director Adolfo J. Kolmerer SF film’s “Snowflake” (Schneeflöckchen, 2017)

    A wicked fairytale of a mysterious screenplay that entangles the characters in a vicious circle of revenge in an anarchic Berlin of the near future.

    ‘Snowflake’ is the Most Fucked Up German Fairytale Since the Grimm Brothers !

    Directed by Adolfo J. Kolmerer & William James

    Written by Arend Remmers

    With Reza Brojerdi (Javid), Erkan Acar (Tan), Xenia Assenza (Eliana), David Masterson  (Carson),Judith Hoersch (Snowflake/Schneeflöckchen), Alexander Schubert (Arend).

    Take a dash of Tarantino, a splash of Coen brothers, a metric ton of meta-textual self-awareness, and a fast-paced series of humorously violent misadventures, and you’re halfway to grasping the magnificent madness of this bizarre German import. A gang of lowlife characters all want revenge on the others, but along the way, they must contend with assassins, madmen, a blood-covered angel, and an electricity-powered superhero.”




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