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German Director Ulrich Köhler’s SF Film “In my Room”


“German film director Ulrich Köhler returns with this eerily affecting fable about a manchild given a second chance at life by a human apocalypse”

In My Room” is a 2018 German SF film directed by Ulrich Köhler. It was screened in the “Un Certain Regard” section at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Armin is getting too old for his night life habits and the woman he likes. He’s not really happy, but can’t picture living a different life. One morning he wakes up: the world looks the same as always, but mankind has disappeared. A film about the frightening gift of maximum freedom.”

Cast: Hans Löw, Elena Radonicich, Michael Wittenborn, Ruth Bickelhaupt, Emma Bading, Katharina Linder, Felix Knopp
Kathrin Resetarits.

A disquieting, wonderfully imagined survivalist drama — the catch is that the room in question turns out to be the entire world, uncannily depopulated and sprawling with possibility, yet often made to feel as small as the loneliest studio apartment. Tracing the uncertain course-correction of a nowhere-bound Berlin manchild after he finds himself, suddenly and inexplicably, the last man on earth, “In My Room” presents and accepts its partial apocalypse with unquestioning calm — an extreme contrivance that merely enables an elegant, exacting character study.”

Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDWUAOPsaTg

Cannes Film Review: ‘In My Room’

Ulrich Köhler (born December 15, 1969 in Marburg ) is a German film director of the Berlin Film School.

Between his films, “Bungalow” (2002), “Montag kommen die Fenster” (Monday Come the Windows, 2006), Schlafkrankheit” (Sleeping Sickness, 2011), “In My Room” (2018).

2011: Best Director Award (Silver Bear) at the Berlin International Film Festival for “Schlafkrankheit” (Sleeping Sickness).
2011: Art of Film Award of the German Film Festival for “Schlafkrankheit” (Sleeping Sickness).




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