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Frederik Pohl (November 26, 1919- September 2, 2013) : A Life Dedicated to Science Fiction



The US SF writer Frederik Pohl died on the 2nd of September at the age of 93 at a hospital near his home in Palatine, (northwest of Chicago), Illinois, USA.
Frederik Pohl (Frederik George Pohl, Jr. was born 1919 in New York City) was a SFWA Grandmaster, author, editor, agent, and fan, “one of the science fiction’s most literate and politically sophisticated practitioners” as New York Times wrote, one of the science fiction legends together with Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C.Clarke, Jack Vance, Philip K.Dick, etc.
A remarkably long and fruitful literary career of over 70 years, a generous and altruistic humanist, Frederik Pohl was probably the first american editor who launched a SF magazine, International Science Fiction, dedicated especially to the european science fiction.
Rest in Peace !

Pic©Del Rey/Ballantine & Joseph Lombardero (“The Way the Future Was : A Memoir” by Frederik Pohl)


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